G40 cabal concedes defeat

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G40 cabal concedes  defeat Edmund Kudzai

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Edmund Kudzai

Edmund Kudzai

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THE G40 cabal yesterday admitted defeat in its quest to have Mrs Grace Mugabe be the country’s next president through crooked means. Mr Edmund Kudzayi, a close associate of Professor Jonathan Moyo and said to have been working closely with him to further ambitions of the cabal, yesterday posted on Facebook: “The past week was the dramatic culmination of a protracted contestation for power. The stronger hand won and we must move on.”

He added: “It may have ended differently, but the uncouth displays of ambition by some of our lady friends pushed a desperate country a bit too far. When a clearly inadequate person seems a step away from the throne people will support anything to stop them. The winners seized on this national anxiety and wove a cunning moral argument that allowed for an unprecedented quasi-legal reset of the political stage.”

Mr Kudzayi said it was sad.

“It is sad, but somewhat dignified end to Robert Mugabe’s distinguished career; rest well Cde President, you fought the good fight. As for the learned Professor (Jonathan Moyo), his is an impressive mind and he will be remembered as one of the most determined and cerebral political operators of our time. Politics has winners and losers — we lost.” A relative of Prof Moyo re-tweeted the Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister’s tweet.

“There’ll never be anyone like Cde R.G Mugabe,” reads the tweet. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to have served my country under & with him. I’m proud that I stood with & by this iconic leader during the trying moments of the last days of his Presidency. Democracy requires politics to lead the gun!”

Prof Moyo was the cog of the G40 cabal. He took every opportunity he had to insult senior Zanu-PF and Government officials like the then Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa. He also defied orders by Zanu-PF, including some issued by former President Mugabe, against abuse of social media.

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