G20 Africa Partnership to uplift youths, women

G20 Africa Partnership to uplift youths, women Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma

CAPE TOWN/HAMBURG. – The German presidency of the just-concluded G20 Summit managed to build on the achievements of the last summit in China which had emphasised sustainable development in Africa, President Jacob Zuma said upon return from Hamburg, Germany, where the summit was held from July 7-8.

These included the launch of the G20 Africa Partnership

This programme was launched in recognition of the opportunities and challenges in Africa as well as the goals of the United Nations Social Development Agenda 2030, said President Zuma in a state- ment.

“Despite disagreements on certain issues, the summit managed to discuss and agree on various developmental matters that would be of advantage to South Africa and the African continent including the launch of the G20 Africa partnership. This programme was launched in recognition of the opportunities and challenges in the African continent as well as the goals of the United Nations Social Development Agenda 2030,” he said.

“It was agreed that this initiative would be based on equal partnerships and will be in line with the African Union Agenda 2063. The partnership will further serve our national interest as it will generate a sustainable and inclusive economic growth and development, contribute to create decent employment and economic advancement for women and youth as well as alleviate poverty and inequality,” President Zuma said.

The partnership will include developmental projects such as G20 Initiative for Rural Youth Employment in developing countries with a focus on Africa, aiming to creat 1,1 million new jobs by 2022 and provide innovative skills development programme for at least 5 million young people over the next five years.

The G20 Africa Partnership programme will also include projects such as the Women Entrepreneurs Financing Initiative housed at the World Bank, and establishment of the Business Women’s Leaders Task Force to work with the G20’s Women20 and Business20 initiatives as well as the launch of the e-Skills4Girls Initiative to promote opportunities and equal participation for women and girls in the digital economy, in particular in low-income and developing countries.

Such developmental programmes, President Zuma said, were necessary to address the growing discontent by citizens, which is a bigger issue confronting the world.

“We are confronted by rising in- equality within countries and a lack of quality jobs. It can not be ‘business as usual’ where we simply take an approach to better explain the benefits of trade,” President Zuma said.

South Africa is one of the 19 member countries of the G20 which, in addition to the European Union (EU), has been meeting regularly since 1999 to discuss global economic policy co- ordination.

Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Saturday that supporting Africa’s development is conducive to promoting balanced and inclusive world economic growth.

China is a sincere partner of Africa and adheres to the principles of sincerity, practical results, affinity and good faith in dealing with relations with Africa, President Xi said, adding that China supports Africa’s development through concrete projects with no political strings attached.

Four African leaders were present in their different capacities at the summit. They comprised three presidents and one international civil servant.

President Zuma was the only African president who would ordinarily have joined the meeting given that his country is the only African member of the G20 group of nations. – Xinhua/News Agencies/Herald Reporter.

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