Tendai Chinamasa Herald Correspondent
Despite the economic challenges, Zimbabwe is going through a positive and measurable transition under the Second Republic or the New Dispensation.

The New Dispensation has embarked on new processes and operations that ensure robust and transparent checks and balances in the Government.

The Government has managed to re-evaluate its spending and successfully identified and eradicated wastage and poor management systems on expenditure.

It has put in place improved and innovative engagement platforms that promote the ease of doing business and also improved accountability and transparency on the fiscus to the people through well-detailed budget reports from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

It is pleasing that the Government is making a surplus in the budget, which is used to subside prices of basic commodities to assist people who are vulnerable and on low incomes.

These subsidies apply to various services and products, noticeably the massive reduction of public transport fares, reduction in cost of mealie-meal, bread and other related benefits like extra income paid in US dollars to all civil servants and pensioners.

Also, the Government managed to clear its legacy debts of Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) and restructured operational personnel structures of ZESA, resulting in the challenge of power cuts or storages in the country being eradicated.

ZESA is now meeting its obligations and demands of supplying sufficient electricity to all stakeholders in Zimbabwe.

There is visible improvement of major roads and highways that connect all towns and cities throughout Zimbabwe, especially the Harare–Beitbridge Highway, where work is ahead of schedule.

These projects are being funded by money raised through the well–managed Treasury.

Prices of basic commodities have stabilised in the retail sector and food, goods and services are available and easily accessible.

The successful development came after the innovative decision by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) to introduce the foreign currency auction system, where businesses bid for forex for their operations.

Bold measures were taken by RBZ to reduce black market activities. As a result, we have a stable rate of between $82 and $85 to the US dollar.

The RBZ allowed businesses with free funds to use them in their operations and allowed pricing in forex, a result that has seen long queues of fuel at service stations disappearing overnight. Fuel is now available and easily accessible at all fuel stations in Zimbabwe.

These progressive and measurable achievements are supportive of Vision 2030 through the well managed Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP), which will ensure Zimbabwe becomes an upper middle income economy by the year 2030.

The Zimbabwean economy has continuously created abundance of opportunities for employment, business start-ups, business growth and many related benefits.

Whilst it is pleasing that Zimbabwe is making progress of achieving Vision 2030, it is also important to acknowledge challenges faced in Zimbabwe.

It’s my honest view that the main challenge in Zimbabwe is political polarisation, which is extremely retrogressive.

I encourage all Zimbabweans to find a home of hope and wisdom in Vision 2030.

Vision 2030 is the way to unity, prosperity and development for all Zimbabweans regardless of race, colour, gender, religion or political affiliation.

It has something progressive for every Zimbabwean.

The New Dispensation created engagement platforms, mainly the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) and the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) and also allowed flexible and relaxed protocol to make President Mnangagwa accessible to citizens from all walks of life.

These platforms allow citizens the opportunity to engage government on any issues of concern.

Equally, these platforms allow constructive suggestions, constructive criticism and other constructive contributions.

In the unfortunate circumstances where some misinformed and misguided citizens decide to unnecessarily ignore well–structured engagement platforms and decide to raise awareness of their concerns by demonstrations, the authorities will allow them in accordance with the constitution.

The constitution of Zimbabwe allows freedom of speech and expression and does NOT allow inciting or promoting violence in any form or shape.

People are allowed to demonstrate in a peaceful and approved or permitted environment with the guidance of law enforcement agencies.

A demonstration must allow people to express their concerns, but equally ensuring the social and business day–to–day environment is not affected or infringed by the demonstrators.

It is justified to have presence of law enforcement agencies to maintain peace, law and order during a lawful, approved and peaceful demonstration.

It is also not acceptable to advocate for economic sabotage as we recently witnessed.

It is apparent that Zimbabwe has misinformed and misguided elements who are trying to action a destructive agenda to undermine progress being made by government, with hidden agendas of personal gains or interests.

This is evident through the misuse of social media platforms.

Whilst the government is making every effort to unite all Zimbabweans, for example, reaching a compensation agreement on infrastructure improvements with white former farmers, as a way of finding common ground of unity, some few misguided people who have lost touch with reality are advocating to derail a progressive Zimbabwe.

When political opposition members make comments, ordinary Zimbabweans expect constructive suggestions to prevailing challenges.

It is very disappointing that nothing of progressive substance is coming from opposition forces.

I get the impression that these opposition forces are working in the interest of hidden agendas of foreign organisations or countries hostile to our progressive country.

A true role model to our culture and values of Zimbabwe embraces positive progress and vision regardless of circumstances.

There is a difference between constructive criticism and abusing a position in society to influence results or outcomes that cause unnecessary or avoidable problems.

It is a fact that the Covid-19 pandemic is a challenge around the world, even the best health systems in are struggling to deal with the virus.

We all know that World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines must be strictly followed to keep Covid-19 under control.

One of the guidelines is social distancing and wearing of face masks.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented financial and economic challenges around the world.

Travel restrictions around the world have slowed business operations in all sectors of the global economy.

Unfortunately, Zimbabwe has not been spurred by this pandemic in addition to Illegal economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Western countries.

As we keep praying to the Lord almighty in Jesus Christ name for forgiveness of our sins and an end to this challenging Covid-19 pandemic, we as a nation expect all bishops and priests of all bona fide and genuine churches to lead the way in prayer to make government continuously find progressive and innovative solutions to have a prosperous Zimbabwe.

I appeal to the few misguided bishops and priests to re–focus from political interference in the country to praying for people.

In conclusion, Zimbabwe is an independent country with lawfully structures of government.

Zimbabwe has three pillars of state, which are the Executive, Judiciary and Parliament, which govern all activities and policies that affect the country.

The Judiciary has the mandate to protect and apply the laws of Zimbabwe in alignment with the Zimbabwe Constitution.

Any amendments to the Constitution must go through the relevant authorities, including approval by Parliament.

I have focused on the Judiciary because there are attempts by people through social media platforms to undermine court processes.

Court processes must be respected and all cases be processed in a court of law.

It is unacceptable to make attempts to select certain cases before the court of law and “mischievously” transfer them on social media platforms for scrutiny and judgment.

I appeal to all Zimbabweans to be patience when cases are before the courts and wait for a conclusion. Let’s respect the judges who are well trained and capable of dealing with court issues. Let’s all embrace a united, successful, tolerant Zimbabwe.

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