Future bright for Live Orchestra Concert Isheanesu Chigagura AKA Ishan

Peter Tanyanyiwa-Arts Correspondent

Organisers of the Takura Live Orchestra Concert have said the future is looking bright as they got an overwhelming response last Friday, with the venue, 7 Arts Theatre, almost 80 percent full. 

The overwhelming response proved that music lovers have evolved and they are no longer interested in just having DJs playing songs on their laptops when they have paid their hard earned money. 

They now want that emotional connection with their artistes on stage. 

The main act at the live orchestra concert, Takura, did not disappoint as he gave revellers their money’s worth, getting intimate with the audiences. 

He sang the people’s favourite songs and getting into the audiences, greeting his fans. 

This gave many a chance to take selfies with him as he performed. 

As the organisers promised, doors opened at 6pm, as people started coming in, mostly in the front deck. 

The event was officially scheduled to start at 7pm, however, they had to delay a bit as there was traffic congestion and people were still trickling in. 

The event finally kicked off at 7:15pm, and Nate was first to wow the crowd with a few originals and some amapiano covers. 

Man of the moment Ishan came on stage and the audience loved him, as he belted out his hits. He played with a semi live band.

MC Tatts then took over, by this time there was a sizable audience, the auditorium was now getting packed. 

Anita Jaxson came through with an amazing performance, she played with a live band. 

IamKing came through with an amazing sax lounge set, he played covers and some of his original songs as well as many people’s favourite “Vibration.” 

The main act, who everyone was waiting for, Takura, then came on stage with an orchestra and people loved the good music.

 Enzo Ishall made a surprise appearance to support Takura. 

The organisers said the future was bright as they got an overwhelming response from music lovers. 

“We are really happy that everything went according to plan on the first of many orchestras live shows to come,” they said. “We are really happy with the response we got as the auditorium was almost full to capacity, the show was just an intimate and emotional affair.” 

Revellers got the time of their lives and they experienced a different live setting which truly allowed them to enjoy music and unwind. 

Commenting on the live orchestra show, Nigel Sithole said the concert changed his life as he really got to enjoy music, especially with the orchestra. 

“I am convinced that I am now going to make a hobby of this concert attending,” he said. “I had the opportunity to be at the front row at a Takura 20-piece orchestra concert and I can tell you that his music hits differently with a live band — smooth, hard hitting and soulful. Takura remains safely in my Top 5 Zimbabwean artistes.” 

Usually, revellers complain about something after the show, but not this time around, as by the time the show ended, people were still ecstatic, all agreeing that it was a well organised show. 

They could order their drinks from their seats and the prices were decent. 

The whole show was quite a splendid experience.

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