Fundraising drive for Harare Children’s Home

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Fundraising drive for Harare Children’s Home Pamushana Africa

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Leroy Dzenga Features Writer
AS the festive season draws near, many people are planning to go spend time with their families.

After a long year, it is considered a time to unwind.

But not everyone enjoys the privilege of being with their biological families whenever they feel like it.

Thousands of children are housed in care centres where they have had to make do with alternative family units, as a result of circumstances beyond their control.

One such facility is the Harare Children’s Home, which has been a haven for orphaned and abandoned children since 1921.

The costs to keep the place running have been growing by the year and for an entity that survives on donations, the going has been tough.

Corporates, businesses and individuals have been extending their hands of assistance to keep the place, which is home to more than a hundred children running.

Growing transport operator Pamushana Africa has embarked on a fundraising campaign meant to raise money for Harare Children’s Home.

The popular operator is pledging to match every dollar that is donated to the care centre by people who respond to their campaign dubbed “Move Mountains, Help Harare Children’s Home”.

Pamushana Africa Director Mr Hardlife Chipika told The Herald that they have been closely working with Harare Children’s Home over the years and have decided to rope in their stakeholders towards this cause.

“Our business model is premised on family values and children are an integral part of the family. Every year, for the past four years, my family has been going to Harare Children’s Home to spend the New Year and have lunch with the children there.

“This year, we thought of extending it to our partners, customers and friends to join us on this worthy cause,” Mr Chipika said.

The projected amount  to be raised is $2 000, although there is room for it to go higher and thetransporter says they are ready to match it dollar-for-dollar.

He added, “If you look at the Harare Children’s Home monthly expenses, it is around $9 000, yet they rely on donations from well-wishers. There is definitely a need for everyone to help and this includes other charitable organisations who are sheltering less privileged children.”

The pending donation is going to kick-off a year-long donation cycle, which will begin after the first handover event.

“It is going to be an annual event on our calendar. In 2019, we are going to create another link, which will be open throughout the year so that quarterly, we will be handing over proceeds,” said MrChipika.

The proceeds will be handed over to the facility on January 1, 2019.

Pamushana Africa has been diversifying from transport, tourism and their latest charity drive is them showing their corporate social responsibility.

With a fleet of more than 15 buses and a loyal patron base, the company may use their social capital to raise money for Harare Children’s Home, a crowdfunding method which has been used by popular brands in recent years.

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