Fugitive Ndiweni calls for sanctions on Zimbabwe Felix Ndiweni

Dr Masimba Mavaza

On Wednesday this week, the Mike Campbell Foundation (MCF), held its 10th Anniversary Celebrations at the Royal Geographical Society in London, themed: “An exciting journey of hope: Stories from the past and a vision for Zimbabwe’s future”.

The MCF had invited Nelson Chamisa to give the keynote address alongside the renowned white Zimbabwean anti-land reform activists Ben Freeth and the disingenuous Northern Irish politician, Baroness Kate Hoey, who is a Member of the House of Lords.

Chamisa somehow did not turn up for the event, perhaps having sensed the treacherous nature and intentions of the organisers.

In light of the “boycott” by Chamisa, the organisers resorted to one of their lackeys, Felix Ndiweni, who masquerades as Zimbabwe’s Paramount Chief, to give the keynote address.

Zimbabwean ex-commercial white farmers were in the majority at the event, with a handful of like-minded black flunkies from the opposition and anti-Zimbabwe civic groups in London.

Speaking at the event, Ndiweni, a man who has skipped bail in Zimbabwe and is therefore a fugitive from justice, sang for his supper in typical puppetry fashion by viciously attacking the land reform programme as having been done without following the rule of law and therefore needs to be reversed.

What a shame!

Ndiweni, clad in traditional chieftainship attire, probably to conjure legitimacy to his claim, begged the United Kingdom to exert pressure on Zimbabwe, the same way as they are doing on Russia and Belarus.

The reason he attacked Belarus is simply because it is supporting the Zimbabwean farmers through the provision of tractors and easing the public transport woes by providing buses to Zimbabwe.

He calls this a perpetuation the evil of appeasement.

This is ironic! Ndiweni, attacking Zimbabwe Government for allegedly abusing the rule of law, yet he has shown no respect of the same law he seem to want to uphold.


To have credibility in talking about restoring the rule of law in Zimbabwe, Ndiweni first needs to disassociate himself from the century old colonial injustice that dispossessed our father’s rights and equally to purge his contemptuous fugitive from justice tag.

Ndiweni is a convicted criminal who abused his authority by torturing a woman.

This is the same Ndiweni who stole the chieftainship by seeking the endorsement ahead of his brothers.

Ndiweni broke every tradition and sought favours to be installed chief.

With no shame in his speech, Ndiweni said he is a South African Zulu king and not a Ndebele chief.

He has no attachment to Zimbabwe and its land, no wonder why he is now in the pockets of the Rhodies.


In proving further the schizophrenic tendencies of Ndiweni, on one hand he purports to be a chief, which, therefore, makes him a community leader and part of a Zimbabwean administrative system.

The Zimbabweans want land and spoke loudly in the Constitutional referendum in 2013 that the land reform is irreversible.

Ndiweni cynically tried to identify with this during the meeting by charging that he is like a Morris Minor car with no reverse gear!

In the second breath, he pours cold water to the claim by admiring white supremacy and hegemony over the means of production!

Is he suffering from dementia? I am reminded of Julius Malema’s pointed undressing of Lekota over land issue.


What also emerged from the perverse 10th Anniversary celebrations was the unashamed promises that when the land reform programme has been reversed, the British will reward the boot-lickers by pouring money into a Chamisa government.

Chamisa need to take heed that Zimbabweans are not fools.

No one will be given money by these imperialists – learn from Guatemala – they will change goalposts!

However, even if they do, are you cannot sell the future of generations with sterling notes for you just to be in power?

Shame on the Zimbabweans who are prepared to sell their country.


The British once again have demonstrated that they have two-fold interest.

Firstly, they are interested in Zimbabwe ‘s land and secondly they are interested in the white minority rule.

It has never been and will never be about blacks, unfortunately. It has always been reversing the gains of independence.

According to those who attended the event, the acclaimed objectives of the gathering was to reverse the land reform programme.

What does this mean?

It means dispossessing black Zimbabweans of their land. It means resurrecting and legalising a vicious racist apartheid system where black people are farm workers living in deplorable housing conditions in a highly productive farm whose profits line the pockets of capitalists in Britain and other Western countries and the same profits are used to build social infrastructure in those countries.


Anyway, the key to building public infrastructure lies in empowering Zimbabweans, not in initiatives to dispossess and impoverish them.

Chamisa’s CCC party puts out no ideals and no plan.

The land reversal meeting posing as a 10th anniversary of the MCF stands against anything which is legal.

It is the representative of lawlessness and injustice ever witnessed on earth. Forty-two years after independence, the Ben Freeth family and all those they stand for had not find it necessary to apologise for the crimes of colonialism. Instead through this MCF, they seek to reverse the gains of independence. –[email protected]

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