From Zim to Russia: US abuses sanctions on sovereign states The United States uses food aid as a weapon to developing countries

John Bruce Correspondent

Little Zimbabwe has done virtually everything in its powers that under normal circumstances, would have made any right-thinking country unconditionally remove sanctions, especially considering the good work at home and on the international scene, done by President Mnangagwa.

But the Unitaed States (US), has been too hard-hearted because it is highly-intolerant of Zimbabwe’s quest to independently pursue, national programmes such as the land reform and black empowerment that are good for its citizens.

Obviously such projects are never good for white supremacists, as represented by the US mentality. 

Zimbabwe was never wrong to deliver land to its people. In fact, other African countries must emulate this delivery.

Little Zimbabwe’s crime is simply not to do what the US wants: that is to let Western Europe enjoy the country’s resources at the expense of the local people.

Russia has also been slapped with sanctions, simply because Russia chose to launch a special military operation in Ukraine to defend its interests and aspirations.

European Union has been trolled by the US to join in imposing sanctions on Russia, albeit Russia being an independence state on a conflict with its neighbour, Ukraine.

The sanctions on Russia has backfired big time on the entire EU population and what is left is ego on the part of the leadership. The ordinary EU resident is suffering for US and EU leaders.

Even the British, who are currently on a long political circus with too many clowns, are also involving themselves in Ukraine. What hypocrisy?

We all know these sanction from little Zimbabwe to mighty Russia, are being abused by the US and its allies. 

F0r US and its allies, sanctions have become the most brutal weapon to cow down sovereign states that seek to do their own things outside the repressive wings on the United States.

The US sanctions come supported with regime change. They impose sanctions on a country and immediately move in to effect regime change by either sponsoring an opposition political party or giving that opposition billions of dollars, worth of military equipment.

The US has become the most cruel country in the modern history of the world, using twin dirty tactics to throttle economies and at the same time, supplying weapons of mass destruction in conflicts.

Once the opposition has been created, several Non-governmental organisations are also created to support the opposition and bring down the government.

The NGOs are funded through USAID (US), SIDA (Sweden), CIDA (Canada) DFID (UK), the notorious George Soros Foundation and many others and they are propped up as defenders of human rights and yet the US is the worst human rights record. 

These dirty tactics are meant to squeeze life out of the targeted governments and pave way for puppet regimes, that give the US access to natural resources. 

Never be fooled by the US’ talk on democracy. That is cheap talk. The real issue is what the US and its allies do behind the scenes to destroy growing democracies, as long as they do not submit to their ideology.

In progressive thinking, one would clearly think that a country as big and mighty as US would use diplomacy and dialogue to work with other countries, but their rhino attitude is to crash anything that come their way.

It is an undisputed fact that US has imposed sanctions on more countries than any other country on earth. The question is why?

It is also fact and not fiction that the US has been involved on more modern deadly wars than any country in the world. And, none of those wars are on US soil. 

The question is why?

Again, it is an undisputed fact that the sponsors many opposition parties that destabilise Africa and the developing world than any other nation in the world. Again the question remains why?

The answer to all these question is very simple. You don’t need a rocket scientist to explain this and neither does one need a professor of international politics to know this. The US is a bully state. 

It uses it muscle to destroy other nations. It abuses sanctions and does not care about how other nations feel. The US cares only about its interests.  

The US has a wrong thinking that they are the policeman of the world. The US fools itself and thinks every nation must be subservient to it. It has the big brother mentality that throws away democracy.

While the US preaches democracy and tolerance on other nations it does exactly the opposite when dealing with issue effecting it.

It’s high time the US believes in a free world that it has been preaching and play ball. Talk is cheap, but action is sacrosanct.

When you carefully analyse the US actions over the years, it is very clear to trace its bloody trails in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and many other countries.

The sanctions have been abused on Cuba, on Zimbabwe, on Russia, on Iran and many other countries, because in the view of the US, these countries do no bootlick it.

It is time the world stands up against the abuse of sanctions. It ii time the world stands with Zimbabwe and many countries on the abusive sanctions.

SADC and African Union have done their best to support Zimbabwe’s anti sanctions drive, but US is turning a blind ear. 

There is virtually no reason why Zimbabwe should still be under sanctions. 

There is no reason why the US is spending billions of dollars on military equipment in Ukraine when it is a bilateral conflict between that country and its neighbour Russia. At the end who suffers?  Is it not the ordinary people?

The abuse of sanctions must stop and be replaced by dialogue. The sanctions are not taking the world forward.

John Bruce is a political scientist based in Brussels, Belgium. Here he writes in his personal capacity.

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