From Zim to little everywhere else, US has institutionalised abuse of black people Everything in America is systematically designed to demean or belittle black people. 

Isdore Guvamombe

The United States of America, that wants the world to think it is the best democracy and most reasonable governor, has lost all moral ground to talk about human rights because its statecraft is anchored on institutionalised discrimination of black people and other minorities.

Its governance, is anchored on detesting black Governments that seek to run their countries the way they see it, unless they tow the US line of thought and ideology.

Everything in America is systematically designed to demean or belittle black people. 

This is why US wants to dictate who wins which election in Africa.

They think they own the world.

Hell NO!

Zimbabwe is a victim of US ego and anti-black sentiment, because the ruling revolutionary ZANU PF chose repossess its land from minority whites and chat its own course. 

For two decades Zimbabwe has been placed under sanctions for daring to challenge white supremacy.

Democracy to the US means sticking to white supremacist ideologies such homosexual rights. 

Democracy to the US means hero worshipping ideas that put Americans on the apex of society. 

All other races do not mater, worse still, black people.

Zimbabwe and Uganda, plus many other countries, are being punished over homosexual rights.

Suffice to say, no election in black Africa or smaller nation is free and fair unless certified so, by the US.

Who appointed the US, the world policeman? Who appointed the US the world referee?

Who said the US is a model democracy when its security system shoots and kills black people at every turn and twist?

To the US, the good blacks are those puppets, whom it uses for self-gain ends.  

Right now US is trying to force Africans to accept homosexual rights and promote them. 

What good do they bring to African culture?

 How do those rights become a real issue to Africa? 

The matrix of world politics today, speak to a US that has systematically abused black people and minorities; as US that disregards electoral processes of other countries, especially in Africa unless such elections are won by their proxies.

This is dangerous politics.

Very, very dangerous.

America’s institutionalised racism, brutality and deliberate trampling of smaller nations has become subject of discussion everywhere.

In the not-so-distant past, from the killing of George Floyd to Jacob Blake and many other black people, the actions of their police remain consistent with the contempt and nauseating hatred.

Floyd, a black man, after a policeman knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

His death sparked calls across the US for policing reforms and triggered global protests.

Jacob Blake (29) on the other hand, was shot seven times in front of his children and has become paralysed.

Racial problems in the US are on the rise right now. It’s happening not only due to the George Floyd case or Blake, but it has become institutionalised.

In general, racism in the US is a result of deep-rooted imbalance and injustice in American society.

It is a sad reality, that the US still has a policy of segregation in terms of skin colour when hiring people and in salary issues, in many spheres of life and so on.

And even now we see the hypocrisy of the US government.

While the US has for years tried to position itself as the biggest and greatest democracy, as an icon of human rights, as the epicentre of everything good and the fad of a good world, the opposite is very true.

Today, the US continues to meddle in the internal affairs of independent states such as Zimbabwe and several failed regime change demonstrations are a good example, instead of solving their internal problems.

The illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe and many other countries on the false claim of lack of democracy, good governance and accountability and cooked up human rights abuses, are nothing, but a smokescreen behind which the US hides its perpetual contempt of the advancement of black people.

Washington, by activating its foreign policy to destroy any other State running on an independence plinth, wants to shift international community’s attention from the chaos in its backyard, to other agendas.

It is fact not fiction that the US has lost its much loved image of being the “leader of a free world” and now we all see the real face of American-style democracy.

It means disrespect of small nations and what they stand for. It means intolerance to nations that do not tow their line. 

In fact, the US democracy means crashing any other nation that is not subservient.

It is time for Africans — all African countries — to criticise and express dismay at this regime change tactic and advancement of white supremacy.

The US’ dirty methods in terms of sponsoring regime change in the disguise of democracy and give so-called aid to developing countries, but in fact, the biggest part of this aid “returns” to US as a payment to some “humanitarian and non-governmental organisations” which in reality are connected and affiliated to US government and its bigger agenda.

If developing countries are really interested in sustainable growth and development they need to demand national control of international aid and investments, otherwise it looks like neo-colonisation.

The NGO sector has become the instrument for regime change and they bring aid that has too many strings attached.

Africans should use regional, continental and international mechanisms (Sadc, AU, UN, etc.) to work out joint positions and decisions on such important issues concerning Africans, to condemn the policy of neo-colonialism by Western countries and so on.

Africa should also quickly develop its military and police such as AU and Sadc standby brigades to deal with its own hot spots. Sadc should stand firm against US infiltration.

The white US supremacists do not even care how much other races and countries feel about being downtrodden day in day out.

They just don’t care how much mayhem the NGOs have caused in countries like Zimbabwe, coordinating protests, tarnishing the image of the Government on social media and disturbing peace and tranquillity that the country has been known for.

Small incidents in Zimbabwe become big issues and yet black people are living in fear in the US and are being killed and injured every day. 

It has become daily occurrence.

Police brutality against black people in the US has become a sad daily occurrence. How does it become US business to sponsor opposition and effect regime change?

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