From Mberengwa to a Fifa Master

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From Mberengwa to a Fifa Master GOING PLACES . . . Zimbabwean football administrator, Violent Jubane, seen here at Old Trafford in Manchester, England, is now set to be a FIFA Master and has been making rapid progress as she rises in her chosen field

The Herald

Noel Munzabwa Sports Correspondent
ZIFA Central Region office secretary, Violet Jubane, is three months away from becoming the local football motherbody’s first employee to earn a FIFA Master badge.

The graduation for the 20th edition tentatively set for Switzerland in July.

Jubane, who had to complete the final module through the online platform ZOOM, will be a value addition in football administration in this country.

She joined the ZIFA Central Region as an intern office secretary in 2011, arriving from rural Mberengwa, and then moving on to rub shoulders with 29 other students, drawn from 25 countries, in her pursuit of greatness.

But how did she get to the Fifa Masters?

“Thanks to Gerald Dandah, who shared information about the executive programme and also encouraged me to apply the programme.’’

‘‘I enrolled for the FIFA/CIES/NMU Executive Programme in Sport Management in 2016 at Nelson Mandela University.’’

“I am happy that even Gerald, who shared the information about the course, got admitted and we studied in the same edition.’’

‘‘The FIFA/CIES Executive Programme exposed me to different things in sport that I wouldn’t have known. It helped me to change my perception.’’

“Before graduating from the executive programme, I was appointed to participate in the COSAFA Women’s Championship Organising Committee held in Zimbabwe.

‘‘As the programme unlocked a number of opportunities for me, I realised I had to advance my career in the world of sport and I enrolled for the FIFA Master — International Master in Management, law and Humanities of Sport.’’

“The FIFA Master is a prestigious programme which gives one opportunity to network with industry leaders.’’

The FIFA Master programme takes its graduates on a unique journey through three different European countries to study sport.

Three universities in England, Italy and Switzerland, which are among Europe’s most sports-oriented countries, have come together to provide a one-year programme that combines top-class academic teaching, and practical case studies supplemented by guest lecturers and field visits.

The course focuses on three key, and inter-related aspects of sport humanities, management and law.

Once the programme is successfully completed, the candidates receive a joint-diploma delivered by the three universities.

‘‘I believe that the programme will unlock new opportunities for me, considering the knowledge that I have gained, exposure and network,’’ she said.

‘‘I would want to embark on new challenges within the federation and help the sports industry in my country to grow.’’

“Also, as entrepreneurship is my dream, I will blend my knowledge from the FIFA Master, together with the training that I got in USA in Business Leadership, to help local sports organisations grow and become sustainable.’’

“I have always had a dream to grow but I never imagined seeing myself working in the sports industry.’’

“My background has always been my source of inspiration, growing up in a less-privileged community.’’

‘‘It is my dream that one day I will create opportunities for young talented athletes from less-privileged communities to have the opportunity to reach platforms which are suitable for showcasing their talent, creating opportunities for them to be nurtured.’’

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