From a retail investor’s perspective Tanunurwa Wellwisher Mangava

Tapiwa Bepe

In this week’s section of profiling the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) retail investors, we feature Tanunurwa Wellwisher Mangava.

 ZSE Retail Investor

 Name: Tanunurwa Wellwisher Mangava

Age: 53 years

Profession: Editor at Zimbabwe Open University

Aspiration: To leave a legacy for her children and her grandchildren

Tanunurwa Mangava is a ZSE retail investor whose interest in investing started in 2000.

The investment journey

Tanunurwa was motivated by her brother Emmanuel Nemaungwe to start investing. Her brother had learnt about investing whilst studying and began investing on the ZSE. Tanunurwa’s brother was paying for her education and that is what motivated  her to also start investing. She bought her first counter in 2000.

The investment strategy

Tanunurwa’s strategy when investing has changed over the years as her knowledge of investing improved. She sets aside a minimum of 10% from her income for investing. This has been aided by Financial Inclusion initiatives from the ZSE which allows investors  to invest from as little as ZWL$500 through ZSE Direct. Tanunurwa’s portfolio is diversified across the Materials, Consumer Staples, Financials, ICT, Consumer Discretionary and Real Estate sectors on the ZSE.

Highlights and lows of the investment journey

Investing has helped Tanunurwa  to pay for her school fees and upgrade her life in general. Whenever she needs money for her upkeep, she sells a portion of her portfolio.

Her low moments in her investment journey was the suspension of certain counters which restricted her access to her investments.

Advice to prospective investors

“Instead of removing your salary or other income from your bank and buying foreign currency on the black market, first multiply it by investing on the ZSE then later use it.  Invest before you spend.”

Information provided in this article is for educational purposes and does not constitute financial advice. You should obtain independent advice from a Registered Stockbroker or Financial Advisor before making any financial decisions.

 For more information about how to invest on the ZSE, visit the ZSE training portal, email [email protected], Tel: +263 24 2886830-5

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