Friction vs Action: Let the latter be greater


Fredrick Mavhiza Cool Lifestyle Writer
Whenever we work towards achieving our target goals, we always experience opposition in the form of discouragements, obstacles that hinder progress and other thorns along our various journeys to success.

This has sadly resulted in a lot of us losing hope, giving up and therefore we bow down to these challenges and unfortunately we gain stalled progress and failure consequently.

One of the days l asked myself the reason why we cannot escape the fate of challenges and have a smooth flow as far as attaining goals is concerned; then l discovered a very simple principle that has dynamic impact if correctly applied, which l want to share with you today.

From a physics point of view, an object under motion has both a drive force (action) and an opposing force (friction).

If an object is moving in a certain direction, it therefore means that the action is greater than the friction. Simple as it is, that’s a very relevant model of the lives we live here on earth, and nothing comes on a silver platter as we all know.

It’s always a “friction vs action” setup, and in this case the greater is automatically victorious.

Friction can best be explained as all the discomforts we encounter as we sprout towards our success as go-getters and winners. Discouragements, setbacks, pain and anything else you may think of that will make you feel like giving up on something you are doing.

Action, on the other hand, is the diligence we exert on attaining our visions and ambitions.

Here l mean the efforts, motivation, thirst for greatness and, above all, the mindset throughout the whole tiresome processes.

It (action) is what drives us and gives us momentum to soldier on when the going gets tough.

With this in mind always, we need to therefore constantly feed the action if we really mean to be successful in life.

Note that we cannot avoid friction, but fortunately we can defeat it if we are willing.

One of the key aspects in raising standards to defeat friction is to be willing to stretch ourselves, no matter how inconveniencing it is. Go the extra mile, do the night shift.

To have a super winning ability, train your mind to be positive. This involves motivating oneself and seeing the product and not the process of efforts. Remember that it all starts in the brain; what you think is what you get.

Life is not a walk-in-the-park; success is sweet, but the secret is sweat. It’s a continuous war, “friction vs action”, and if we are to eventually celebrate success, we ought to let the latter be the greater!

The writer is a former Goromonzi High headboy awaiting enrolment at a local University, e-mail [email protected]

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