FreeZim Congress supporters defect to Zanu PF

14 Sep, 2021 - 18:09 0 Views
FreeZim Congress supporters defect to Zanu PF Zanu PF DCC chairman for Beitbridge (right) Cde Samuel "Savimbi" Mulaudzi welcomes Mr Muhlupeki Shoko and some of the FreeZim Congress party members who defected to the ruling party - Picture by Thupeyo Muleya

The Herald

Thupeyo Muleya Beitbridge Bureau

Supporters of the Free-Zimbabwe Congress party which is led by South African-based businessman, Mr Joseph Makamba Busha, have started defecting to Zanu PF pledging to work with the ruling party in pushing people-oriented development projects.

The party’s district chairperson for Beitbridge, Mr Muhlupeki Shoko who also contested as a councillor for Ward 6 (urban) and six other members presented themselves to the Zanu PF district offices today.

The group was welcomed by the District Coordinating Committee (DCC) chairman, Cde Samuel ‘Savimbi’ Mulaudzi, and other senior Zanu PF members.

In an interview, Mr Shoko said they had finally seen the light and they will mobilise more people from their former party to join Zanu PF.

“I am a former Zanu PF youth leader and now I am back home,” he said. “I had joined FreeZim Congress because I wanted to be a councillor for Ward 6 urban since I had failed to meet the requirements in Zanu PF.

“As a development-oriented person, I have realised that things are moving in terms of infrastructure development under the current Zanu PF leadership. Nothing much is happening in the opposition and I feel I am underutilized.”

Mr Shoko said he was impressed that the Beitbridge Border Post modernisation and the town’s transformation, which had become a wild dream for more than two decades, was now a reality under the New Dispensation.

“I have brought some people from my former party that we ride along and contribute to national development matters,” said Mr Shoko.

Cde Mulaudzi said they were having a number of programmes on the ground to increase the party’s support base.

“The response is overwhelming and we are anticipating to register more people in our structures as we strive to get the five million votes in the next harmonised elections,” he said.

“Those who are rejoining or joining for the first time are being properly inducted about our party doctrine and we want them to bring more people.”

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