Free satellite TV for Zim

Chenai Nyakunengwa

Brenda Phiri Arts Correspondent
The local entertainment sector is set to benefit immensely from the launch of a free to air television station, Blue Ocean Satellite Television. The local satellite channel, that was officially launched on October 1, has been airing in 52 countries for the past two months on ordinary decoders according to marketing executive Chenai Nyakunengwa.

“We are proud to be the initiators of a product that is proudly Zimbabwean. In line with the country’s indigenisation policy we are using this platform to carry local content across the region,” she said.

The free television station brings back some of South African soapies that are popular with local viewers.
“We are committed to provide quality in terms of family lifestyle entertainment and in this regard we are screening programmes that include ‘Generations’, ‘Muvhango’, ‘Rhythm City’ and other business, sport and arts news programmes,” she said.

Nyakunengwa said the station was targeting to expand its viewership both locally and regionally.  She highlighted that it would give mileage to local companies that choose to advertise with the station.

“Our pitch is to capture numbers in terms of viewership so that we can also afford Zimbabwean companies the opportunity to advertise to the masses. This will also pave way for endorsement of our own brands by popular television personalities,” she  said.

BOStv is a wholly indigenous pay television owned by Dr Dish (Private) Limited, which is a licensed content contributor by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.

Nyakunengwa also expressed excitement over variety in terms of programming on the channel that caters for viewers of all ages, background and creed.

She also said players in the region should be considerate and provide free to air channels to viewers as was the case in the developed countries.


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