Fourth meeting decisions matrix

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Fourth meeting decisions matrix Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa, flanked by Mines and Mining Development Minister Winston Chitando (left), Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube (third from left) and Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Prisca Mupfumira (right), addresses journalists at a Cabinet briefing Press conference at the Munhumutapa Government offices in Harare yesterday. — (Picture by Kudakwashe Hunda)

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Bilateral Air Service Agreement between the Republic of Zimbabwe and the Government of the Sultanate of Oman; and the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri-Lanka.


Cabinet considered and approved the Bilateral Air Service Agreements between the Republic of Zimbabwe and the Governments of the Sultanate of Oman and the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri-Lanka.

The agreements provide a governing framework for the operation of air transport services, thereby boosting travel and trade between Zimbabwe and the two countries.

This is part of the Government efforts to engage and re-engage with the international community, thereby fulfilling the mantra that “Zimbabwe is Open for Business”.


The Maintenance of Peace and Order Bill.

Following the approval by Cabinet of the repeal of the Public Order and Security Act at its previous sitting, Cabinet considered and approved the consequent proposed Maintenance of Peace and Order Bill, whose provisions will be in conformity with the Constitution of Zimbabwe.


Progress on the Implementation of 100 Day projects: Ministry of Health and Child Care

The Minister of Health and Child Care briefed Cabinet on progress in the implementation of four projects by the ministry under 100 days cycle as follows:-

  1. Improving availability of essential medicines and medical supplies

The minister reported on the following programmes undertaken to improve the availability of medicines:

Procurement of medicines worth US$2 million from Denmark

Securing of US$25 million of medicines from Germcorp, which is already currently underway.

Donation of US$2 million worth of drugs secured by China Polaris;

Procurement of medicines under a commodity exchange programme involving the Russian Federation National Security, which is already under discussion.

Based on the results of the medicines availability tracer study by the ministry, 53 percent of the health institutions have at least two months of stock of at least 65 percent of the tracer medicines available.

  1. Setting up a Centre of Excellence/Super Specialist Hospital at Parirenyatwa.

To address the prevailing situation where patients in need of specialist services are forced to seek treatment outside the country, often at costs beyond the reach of many of our citizens, Government is now working towards the establishment of a specialist hospital wing under the Parirenyatwa Group Of Hospitals.

Already, three companies have shown interest in partnering with Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals following approval of the Public Private Partnership proposal.

  1. Operationalisation of Ekusileni Hospital.

Government is currently evaluating the bid by Sharda Hospital from India for the operationalisation of Ekusileni Hospitals, Bulawayo.

Once this process is completed to Government’s satisfaction, work on the opening of the Hospital to the public will commence.

  1. Report on progress in the Implementation of Key Projects

The Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development briefed Cabinet on Progress achieved in the implementation of projects of national importance being undertaken by his ministry.

The projects fall under the following categories:

  1. Geospatial, Geonautical and Space Capability (ZINGSA) Projects.

Funding for these projects was secured and implementation is underway. The projects include:

Geopatial capacity for mapping A1 and A2 farms to facilitate issuance of 99-year leases and A1 Resettlement Permits;

Geospatial capacity for revision of Zimbabwe’s Agro-Ecological Zones; and

Geospatial capacity for detecting and quantifying minerals.

  1. Mineral Research and Energy Development.

Funding for the projects was secured and projects under different stages of implementation include the following:

Coal-to-liquid Fuels and Chemicals(CTX) Project;

Coal-to-Fertiliser(CTF) Project;

Medical and industrial gases will be funded by Macgor; and

Thermal Power Plant Project at Mkwasine Coal Fields.

  1. Adoption and Development of Life Technologies Projects which include the following:

Biotechnology and Advanced Cattle Reproduction Technologies Project;- Project now ready for launch.

The Biotechnology Project for potato production ; and

Gemonics Technologies Project- equipment was procured for the Gemonics Centre.

  1. Infrastructure Development Projects

Several Strategic Alliances have been created through Public Private Partnerships (PPP) for Infrastructure Development at Higher and Tertiary Education Institutions (HTEIs) and are at different levels of implementation as follows:

Construction of a shopping mall at UZ using Mt Pleasant Hotel Pvt Ltd Joint Venture Company is to start in February 2019;

Devtech (Proprietary) Ltd the company has undertaken to bring 10 000 laptops in the next three months for tertiary students at an affordable price;

An agreement was signed with BancABC for the construction of a medical school at the National University of Science Technology (NUST). The project is now ready for implementation.

Under the Eduzones in Universities and Colleges Project, 15 universities and six colleges are to be provided with free wifi through Liquid Telcoms network by the end of February 2019.

  1. Industrial Parks Projects

Land has been identified for building industrial parks at the University of Zimbabwe Farm, Chivhu Council, Masvingo and Marondera.

  1. Access to Education, Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Projects

Under this project, this year a total of 2 000 Science teachers will be capacitated in the teaching of Science and Mathematics.

  1. HTEIs Internationalisation Project.

The study in Zimbabwe Project has now engaged private companies and ZIMCHE.

ITEM 5. Principles of the Freedom of Information Bill

The Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services presented principles of the Freedom Of Information Bill.

The Bill will create a legal framework that outlines parameters of the exercise of the right of access to information that is in line with provisions of 61(1) (a) and 62 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Cabinet approved the principles and directed that instructions be issued for the drafting of the actual Bill, which is one of the three Bills envisaged to arise from the repeal of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Chapter 10:27)

ITEM 6. Progress In the implementation of the Harare-Masvingo-Beitbridge Road Project

It should be recalled that Cabinet, at its meeting of 30th October 2018 approved the proposal by Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development for implementation of the Masvingo-Beitbridge Road dualisation project using local resources in a phased manner.

The project was segmented into sections, of which two 10km portions were to be taken up by the Department of Roads, while the remaining nine sections would be contracted out.

The report given today indicates the following level of progress:

  1. a) That following completion of ongoing work on detours, on the two sections to be worked on by the Department of Roads, work on the rehabilitation of the Beatrice to Chivhu section of the road is now set to begin on Thursday 21st February, 2019, while rehabilitation of the Chivhu Town section is due to commence on 1st March, 2019; and
  2. b) Tender evaluation reports with respect to the remaining nine sections of the Beitbridge-Harare Highway have already been submitted to the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, following which the tenders should be awarded.

ITEM 7 Update on the Battlefield Mine Disaster and way forward

Following a report by the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing on Battlefields Mine disaster, Cabinet expressed grave concern at the loss of lives owing to flooding of the mine shafts, and conveyed its condolences to the bereaved families.

As is the practice with disasters of such magnitude, Government will carry out a thorough investigation and come up with appropriate remedial action.

ITEM 8. Emergency Relief to Businesses and Communities affected by the 14-16 January 2019 violent disturbances

The Inter Ministerial Committee on Emergency Relief to Business and Communities affected by the 14-16 January 2019 violent disturbances reported to Cabinet on progress in coming up with operational modalities for the fund for assisting affected businesses and communities.

Cabinet approved that a fund, to be known as the Business Emergency Relief Fund be put in place, and that it operates as follows:

Restocking (short-term)

That cash shall be disbursed directly to suppliers, and that retailers shall be expected to draw down goods from those suppliers of goods, be they wholesalers or producers.

Beneficiaries will repay the loan over a period of 3-6 months at an interest rate of 4 percent per annum.

Re-equipping (medium-term)

Funding assistance will go towards replacing damaged\destroyed equipment. The repayment time frame will be 12-24 months at an interest rate of 3 percent per annum. Beneficiaries will be given a two (2) months grace period.

Infrastructure Development (long term)

The estimated cost of the damaged infrastructure restoration and enhancement is US$3, 8 million.

The loan repayment period on capital expenditure is 10 to 15 years with a two (2) month grace period. Interest rate levied will be at 2 percent per annum.

ITEM 9. Public Enterprises Reform Programme: Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation and Allied Timbers Limited

Implementation of the Public Enterprises Reforms is continuing. In today’s sitting Cabinet considered proposals with regard to ZMDC and Allied Timbers Ltd.


Cabinet was updated by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development on progress made in the partial privatisation of ZMDC subsidiaries. In order to ensure an orderly privatisation process that will generate value for the investor and generate growth in the mining sector in fulfilment of vision 2030, Cabinet approved the following:

1)The discontinuation of the tendering process with respect to Glvington Gold Mine, Jena Gold Mine, Lynx Graphite, Sandawana Mines, Mbungu CBM and Gwayi CBM, which were viewed as not being satisfactory and that measures be taken to first enhance their attractiveness of the new tenders.

2) That ZMDC be consolidated into specific mineral commodity groups namely:


  1. ii) Precious metals and stones;

iii) Base metals; and

  1. iv) Energy and Industrial minerals.

A specific subsidiary will be established for each of the mineral groups.

  1. b) Allied Timbers

Cabinet was updated on progress on the implementation of the 2018 Cabinet resolution to partially privatize Allied Timbers.

Cabinet noted with satisfaction the proposed roadmap that would ensure engagement of suitable investors to partner Government in Allied Timbers, a company poised to become a blue chip company. Critical milestones on the roadmap include the following:

1) Ascertaining the true value of assets under Allied Timbers by urgently conducting independent valuations.

2) Regularising the lease agreement between the Forestry Commission and Allied Timbers.

3) Affirming by Government of its commitment to protect the gazetted forested land for forestry purposes only, by addressing regulatory overlaps and discrepancies.

4) Increasing production at existing plants.

5) Addressing corporate governance issues to ensure stability at management levels and all those other supervisory levels at the helm of Allied Timbers.

ITEM 10 Principles for the Protection of Personal Information Bill

The Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services presented the principles for the Protection of Personal Information Bill to Cabinet.

The proposed Bill is one of the three Bills to replace the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act which is being repealed. The Protection of Personal Information Bill seeks to create a legal framework that outlines parameters for the exercise of the right to privacy that is in line with the provisions of the constitution.

Having considered the principles, Cabinet approved them thereby triggering the process of drafting of the Bill.

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