Foreigners to pay U$5k for Zim citizenship In a speech read on his behalf by his deputy Chido Sanyatwe, Minister Kazembe highlighted the critical need for collective action to prevent needless loss of life even with police heavily deployed.

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Foreigners applying for Zimbabwean citizenship on the basis of permanent residence will be required to pay US$5 000 cash for both adults and minors while those who seek restoration of citizenship after renouncing it, will be required to pay US$1 000. 

Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Kazembe Kazembe yesterday gazetted new fees for obtaining various identity documents issued by departments under his ministry.

The new fees are stipulated in Statutory Instruments published in an Extraordinary Government Gazette yesterday and they are pegged in US dollars or equivalent at the prevailing interbank rate.

SI 7 of 2024, cited as Births and Deaths Registration (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 2024 (No.17) contains new fees for birth and death records.

Issuance of initial birth certificate for persons six years or younger will remain free of charge while for those above six, it will be US$5 with an initial death certificate pegged at US$2.

A certified copy of any entry of birth or death certificate will cost US$5, while an extract from an entry relating to a birth or death or a certificate not provided for elsewhere will both cost US$2 respectively.

Altering a name in the register and correcting an error will cost US$5, while correcting an error originating from the Registrar-General’s Department will be free of charge. 

Changing a name by notarial deed or by the RG will cost US$50 and US$5.

Authentication and re-registration (for legitimacy purposes) will both cost US$20. An urgent birth or death certificate will cost US$10, while an external birth certificate will be US$15. An initial non-citizen birth certificate and its duplicate will cost US$10 and US$25 respectively.

According to SI 8 of 2024, cited as the Citizenship (Amendment) Regulations, 2024 (No.23) searching a set of records will now attract a US$10 charge while making a photocopy of any document or page will be US10 cents.

Issuance of a Temporary Travel Document will strictly be US$40 cash and there will be no other acceptable form of payment. A certificate for confirmation of citizenship and a certificate of registration of citizenship by descent for both minors and adults will be US$50 each.

A certificate of renunciation of Zimbabwean citizenship will be US$200 while restoration of citizenship by descent will be US$50 while other than by descent, the cost will be US$1 000.

Initial registration as a citizen, of a foreign person who is applying based on permanent residence for both adults and minors, will strictly be US$5 000.

According to SI 9 of 2024, cited as Brands (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations, 2024 (No.7) registration or registration of a brand or the transfer of a registered brand will now cost US$5 while a duplicate brand certificate costs US$10.

According to Statutory Instrument 10 of 2024, National Registration (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations, 2024 (No. 18) searching records relating to any year for any document, entry or other record is pegged at US$2, while fingerprint clearance will cost US$1 and urgent fingerprint clearance will cost US$5.

Photocopying services for documents will cost US$0,20 per page, while initial registration for persons aged 16 to 18 will remain free. For persons aged 18 and above, the registration fee will be US$2.

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The fee for replacing a lost or torn document will be US$5 for standard service and US$10 for urgent service. 

Replacement of lost or defaced metal or synthetic polythene identity documents for a resident has been pegged at US$10, while the fee for non-residents will be US$15. 

For an urgent replacement of lost or defaced metal or synthetic polythene identity documents for a resident, the fee will be US$20 while for non-resident will be charged US$30 for the same services. 

If a person is applying for a synthetic polythene identity document while already in possession of a metal identity document, the fee will be US$20 for residents and US$30 for non-residents.

Correction of errors due to an applicant on a metal or synthetic or polythene identity document will now cost US$25, while correction of errors due to the Department will remain free of charge.

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