Foot-n-mouth outbreak in Kwekwe, Redcliff

11 Jul, 2018 - 00:07 0 Views

The Herald

Michael Magoronga Midlands Correspondent
A foot-and-mouth disease outbreak has been reported in Kwekwe and parts of Redcliff in the Midlands Province, with several cases having been detected in surrounding farms.

Acting Midlands provincial veterinary officer Dr Samson Manatsa confirmed the outbreak which was detected last week.

A team of veterinary services officers is on the ground in a bid to contain the outbreak before it spreads to other parts of the province.

“I can confirm an outbreak of the disease in some localised sections especially A1 and A2 properties on the southern parts of Redcliff. Our team is already on the ground conducting vaccinations as we try to curb the infections from spreading,” he said.

Dr Manatsa said Kwekwe has since been put under quarantine as a measure of curbing the spread.

“The whole of Kwekwe has been put under quarantine. There is no movement of cattle allowed for now, either to or from Kwekwe. We know very well the effects it might have to traders, but we have no other option except to monitor cattle movement,” he said.

Kwekwe District comprises of Zhombe, Silobela, Redcliff and Kwekwe urban.

Dr Manatsa said they were still investigating the cause of the disease and also the extent of the spread.

“We are investigating how far the infection has spread and also the causes of the infection. We are using what we call ring vaccination.

“That is when we vaccinate from outside going inside towards the infected areas to avoid further spread of the disease,” he said.

Dr Manatsa also said inspection were also being carried out to see if there were places missed by the initial investigation.

“We will continue vaccinating the area detected so far, but we will also continue with the investigations perhaps we might have missed some affected places,” he said.

He said they were carrying out awareness campaigns and controlling cattle movements.




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