Focalistic show rescheduled

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Focalistic show rescheduled Letmore Mbidzo

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo
Senior Arts Reporter
Organisers for the show dubbed “Homecoming” which was scheduled for this weekend have announced the new dates after postponing the event due to the new Covid-19 regulation and restrictions.

The event which was pencilled for Harare International Conference Centre featuring South African rapper Focalistic, Nox, Buffalo Souljah, Winky D, King 98, Holy Ten and Stunner among others, will be held in Harare and Bulawayo, respectively.

The new dates are April 12 for Bulawayo while Harare will follow four days later (April 16).

Rapper Focalistic will remain the main act for both shows while different local artists from Harare and Bulawayo will share the stage with the rapper as scheduled before.

Fans were questioning why female artists were not included.

there was a suggestion from some critics in the arts sector of not  postponing the show but rather continuing with the local artists.

South African based businessman cum show promoter Letmore Mbidzo of “More Entertainment”, said everything is going according to plan except the fact of the new dates that have changed.

“Due to the Covid-19, I did not see any reason to oppose the Government’s regulations even though I had the option to host the show with local artists. My name was going to attract big crowds, but that “Homecoming Show”could have become a super spreader of this new variant.

‘‘Also our fans had anticipated the line up as advertised,” he explained.

Mbidzo issued a statement last week announcing the postponement.

“I regret to inform you that I will be postponing our event due to new Covid-19 regulations.

‘‘Our guest artist from South Africa will not be able to attend because of mandatory quarantine up to 14 days when his papers were merely cleared for entry on the December 11,”

“Even if he was coming today the show was to be held in his absence, while he is in quarantine. Due to these unforeseen circumstances we are left with no choice but to postpone this end of year event.

“We have reached this painful decision after wide and deep consultation with relevant stakeholders in both South Africa and Zimbabwe. However, we would like our funds paid to your account to be held in a suspense account waiting for new details to emerge.

“We sincerely apologise to your organisation for the inconveniences caused by this postponement,” he said.

Asked on the payments of artists, he said has dealt with the issue and spoken to them on the new dates.

“I had paid some artists on the line up in full, some were paid 50 percent while others were due to be paid.

Generally, I had paid 70 percent of the expenses,” said Mbidzo.

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