Flowers and trees are not for decoration only

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Flowers and trees are not for decoration only

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Clodine Manyozo,Home and Garden writer

Many people plant trees and flowers around homes, workplaces and schools for decoration not knowing that some of these plants can also provide home remedies.

The leaves, roots, barks, petals and roots can be used in ways you can never imagine and surprisingly one would heal with no side effects.

They cannot be used for healing only but some can be used to repel some insects and reptiles like flies, mosquitoes and snakes.

The smell can be so powerful that some animals will be allergic and this can easily make your house free from snakes and some little insects.

Some common diseases can be easily healed using plants.

Some recipes are not enough with some of the plants and this can change the taste of your meal in no time.

You may plant some nice blooming flowers and trees and you can take medicines that will be made from those same plants you have home.

A few people plant trees and flowers so that they will get help from these plants when they are sick or in a problem but instead they want to beautify their homes.

There are common plants which include Aloe Vera, Mango, Lemon, Daisy, Lavender, Gum Arabic, and Garlic, to mention a few.

Aloe Vera can work in many ways that is for wounds, skin disease and also stomach aches.

In an interview with Mrs Allan (59) she explains how some plants have helped her since she was young.

“The first time l got to know that Aloe is a strong herb and so helpful is when I was young and our dog got hurt by the neck and my father started to apply Aloe Vera on the wound and the wound healed in no time,” she said.

Personally l thought mango trees were used for fruit bearing only but to my surprise when Allan was speaking l got to know that there is actually more to it.

“Traditionally the barks of the mango tree can be used to heal a toothache, you can do this by boiling the water and inhaling the steam through the mouth”, Allan said.

Catching a cold and ending up with flue is so common around and one can end up buying some med lemon and some medicines not knowing that the eucalyptus (gum tree)can help when one has flu.

“The leaves of the gum tree also known as the eucalyptus can also help when one has flue and you can do this by boiling the leaves and drinking the water”, Allan said.

Some medicines are making people have side effects and due to this some people realised that it would be better if they make some lotion, pills and tea bags from the herbs as a way of trying to reduce these side effects on people and obviously trying to make profit from it.

This however brought the emerging of some companies around the world.

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