Firm warns consumers of counterfeit product Some of the fake products and containers

Herald Reporter

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed firm, MedTech Holdings, has raised alarm after it discovered that a fake version of its bath foam, Satiskin, is being produced in Mbare, Harare.

MedTech CEO Mr Afzal Motiwala has warned consumers to watch out for the fake product.

Mr Motiwala said after learning of the fake Satiskin, they “immediately informed the police”.

“Their assistance led to a raid on the production facility in Mbare,” he said.
MedTech spokesperson Mr Gashirai Nyemba accompanied police during the raid.

Police in plain clothes confronting the culprits

He said the producers of the fake Satiskin bath foam, “Became aggressive towards us and the police”.

“Luckily, we escaped before things escalated, but we managed to seize the counterfeit products,” he said.

Apart from Satiskin, many other products are being counterfeited by well-heeled cartels, including alcoholic beverages.

To avoid buying the fake Satiskin, MedTech says its customers must not buy the product with mismatched lids, damaged packaging, incorrect aroma and watery consistency.

The company added that the genuine bath foam is pH-balanced and shouldn’t cause irritation.

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