Firm offers life saving training ahead of rain season

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Firm offers life saving training ahead of rain season

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A Harare based firm will conduct life saving training in November to reduce cases of drowning.


As the country braces for the rain season, drowning cases are usually high due to flooding and flash floods. Places in low laying areas usually record high fatalities.


Pool Pump and Filter Centre chief operating officer Pritchard Mauya said it is the least they can do to avoid loss of lives due to drowning.


“Precious lives are lost every rainy season due to lack of knowledge on how to prevent drowning and the training is open to pool minders and anyone interested.

“They are various techniques which can be implemented to rescue someone from drowning, so we want people to know what to do when they encounter a drowning emergency,” said Mauya.


The training will take place on 5 November in Harare’s leafy suburb of Sentosa.

Pool pump has over the past years sponsored life saving projects and swimming galas for primary schools in Harare as part of its corporate social responsibility.


“The Covid-19 pandemic affected us just like any other sector and we had to shelve other programs last year.


“We are conducting the training in association with the Life Saving Association and sub hawkers. Participants will be awarded with certificates upon completion of the training,” explained Mauya.

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