Firm fights Covid-19 related stress at workplaces

Herald Reporter

A religious body, Corporate Chaplaincy Services, is offering free religious and counselling services to companies in a bid to deal with trauma caused in workers by the Covid-19 pandemic and other stress related to the workplace and home.

The organisation is establishing prayer rooms at willing companies to provide religious space in the workplace and the counselling services to preserve workers’ spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Corporate Chaplaincy Services will provide pastors to minister to the workers at the prayer rooms at the various establishments.

The prayer room, also known as corporate chaplain, will provide spiritually based care to workers in the context of their business, employment services, while respecting the diversity of the workers.

The pastors will respond to individual and family needs, as well as work life concerns such as job stress, co-worker relations and career direction.

Last week, the organisation opened its second prayer room at Zimphos in Msasa, Harare, after launching the first one at the Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe (IDCZ).

Led by Pastor Brian Moyo, Corporate Chaplaincy Services equips the prayer rooms with bibles, other books and private counselling rooms for the workers.

“We are providing this service to every willing company within the country,” he said after officially opening the prayer room at Zimphos.


“It’s not only just providing a prayer chapel, we are also providing a chaplain who comes to actually interact with the employees within the workplace and offsite also, to be able to attend to the personal and emotional and spiritual needs of the individual.”

Pastor Moyo said the pastors attend funerals and celebrations of achievements by the workers.

“The counselling services that we also provide to individuals are not paid for, they come at free of charge,” he said. “People have these struggles, mental health issues that a lot of people struggle with, but they don’t have an available place closer to them where they can go and offload these things.

“So, we are saying cooperate chaplaincy is there to come within the working place. I am tempted to say we are spiritual cheerleaders of companies. We are there to assist the people and it also speaks to the bottom line of any business that spiritually lifted up people are effective in their work.”

Pastor Moyo said their desire was to work with any company that would require their services considering the changing times brought in by Covid-19 and other issues.

Zimphos general manager Mr Phillip Nyakudziwanza thanked Pastor Moyo and promised to utilise the prayer room for the betterment of the wellbeing of the company’s workers.

He said it was important that they were part of the programme and had since appointed a committee to maintain the prayer room and work with Corporate Chaplaincy Services to ensure workers benefit.

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