Firm executives jostle for Jaguar wheel

Firm executives jostle for Jaguar wheel Jaguar South Africa last week launched the all new Jaguar XF 2016 which has proven to be taut and athletic
Jaguar South Africa last week launched the all new Jaguar XF 2016 which has proven to be taut and athletic

Jaguar South Africa last week launched the all new Jaguar XF 2016 which has proven to be taut and athletic

Tinashe Makichi Motoring  Correspondent
Jaguar cars have started making serious inroads into the Zimbabwean market as many company executives jostled for the Jaguar F type 2015 which came with a linear delivery of performance and instant access to high levels of torque at all engine speeds. The jostling did not only stop at chief executives, members of Parliament have also joined the same route of luxury.

Jaguar South Africa last week added another beast to its luxurious collection by launching the all new Jaguar XF 2016 which has proven to be taut and athletic. It’s beautifully judged curves bring its assertive character to life.

The confident, upright grille and deep power bulge on the bonnet reinforce its intent and a single, elegant arc runs the length of the body, culminating at distinctive, wrap around LED tail lamps with F-Type inspired graphics.

Jaguar XF has been on sale since 2009 and well received, if not top tier. The first-generation car was a sleek steel bodied sedan with a striking interior, but it was hampered by a cramped back seat and iffy touch screen controls.

The all new XF’s sleek, sporty and progressive form delivers advanced aerodynamics, helping the car to move smoothly, saving fuel and reducing emissions.

Radiating confidence from every angle, all-new XF has a look that gives the urge to drive it.

The new Jaguar XF is a destination of bespoke choice and luxury.

A place where premium materials are elegantly crafted into a design that delivers pure, all encompassing comfort.

Press the pulsating red “start” button and XF comes alive. With perfect choreography, air vents rotate towards you, the Jaguar drive selector raises smoothly, the engine growls, your spine tingles.

The delight continues in XF’s rear seats where passengers experience the show with best in class knee room. Wherever you are sitting, all new XF’s contemporary design, abundant natural light, and exquisite craftsmanship combine to create an atmosphere of spacious well being.

“Stay connected and entertained through in-control-touch, XF’s infotainment system. It features fast response times and a contemporary graphical interface on an optional 10,2 inch touch-screen with ‘pinch’ and ‘swipe’ functionality,” said Jaguar Motors.

“Jaguar’s range of intelligent technology works to streamline your driving experience. You can choose to display key information, including navigation guidance, exactly where you want it ahead of you on either one of our optional technology features, the Head-Up display system with laser technology or the configurable 12,3 inch HD TFT instrument cluster. Responsive, intuitive and seamlessly integrated Jaguar technology offers solutions that innovatively enhance your drive.”

Jaguar’s Aluminium Intensive Architecture, all-new XF is one of the lightest cars in its class.

This makes it more efficient, offering lower running costs, and reduces C02 emissions to as low as 114g/km.

All new XF’s lightweight front double wishbone and rear integral link suspension systems work in concert to bring supreme levels of ride comfort and handling.

On the move, Adaptive Dynamics instinctively modifies the car’s settings in response to conditions and driving style. In addition, F-TYPE derived Configurable Dynamics gives further opportunity to personalise your all new XF’s immaculate poise.

The XF’s interior is neatly finished and spacious; the rear seat is finally friendly to adults, and the trunks huge.

Built from aluminium, the XF trades some of its curb weight for better packaging. Some versions are up to 265 pounds lighter than the previous XF but have better rear seat room although the new car is a touch shorter.

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