FinKing awards recognise entrepreneurial excellence The Sunday Mail Editor Victoria Ruzvidzo (second left), who won the Female Manager of the Year award, poses for a photo with guest speaker Mr Trust Chikohora (left) and special guests Mrs and Mr Van Heerden at the FinKing National Business Excellence Awards ceremony held in Chegutu last week

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SEVERAL Zimbabwean business innovators, success stories and ethical entrepreneurs were last week recognised for their critical roles in the country’s social and economic development.

FinKing Financial Advisory has, since 2019, been honouring Zimbabwean business innovators, success stories, and ethical entrepreneurs through the FinKing National Business Excellence Awards.

Clothing retailer, Edgars Stores, was awarded the Overall Outstanding Business of the Year while Sunday Mail Editor Victoria Ruzvidzo was awarded the Female Manager of the Year.

Several other entities and individuals were awarded in various categories.

The awards are some of the most prestigious honours around, as well as part of the largest cross-industry, business size, and international presence business competitions in the country.

This year’s FinKing business awards were held on December 4, 2021 at TP Rukawo Motel in Chegutu under the theme “Time to remodel” .

FinKing founder and chairman of FinKing Group, Dr Keen Mhlanga said the awards exist because of the belief that business can play a critical role in addressing the country’s biggest concerns for economic stability and Vision 2030.

“In Zimbabwe, encouraging female entrepreneurship is a social and economic issue as well as a gender one. In actuality, women-owned businesses play a significant part in every country’s social and economic development.

“As a consequence, the FinKing National Business Excellence Awards recognized the potential of women entrepreneurs and encouraged them to push for long-term business growth,” he said.

He said that it is also important to recognise the well-established commercial viability brought in by youthful entrepreneurs who are bringing a lot of innovation and perseverance.

According to Dr Mhlanga, the event that took place in Chegutu aims to inspire businesses in small towns and cities to take advantage of high-end business networking and standards.

“Because it was a pool of top-tier corporate executives and decision-makers, it allowed a positive platform for mega-deals. The ability to be noticed and market at a national level was a benefit to the Chegutu business community. Our Awards do have a competitive aspect to them and the evaluation process is also comprehensive and clear, ensuring that each applicant is aware that they will be judged solely on their merits.

“We also do research, have conferences, and host webinars, all of which give our network with various opportunities to interact, discuss, explore, and exchange ideas,” Dr Mhlanga said.

He said the FinKing National Business Excellence Awards bring these similar groups together, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for executives from many sectors to do business, grow, share, and address major issues.

“Award and quality marks can help a company’s reputation by distinguishing it from the competition. They can also promote morale by showcasing members’ accomplishments.

“Winning accolades for a young company can communicate to the rest of the world that it has arrived and help to establish its legitimacy.

“Business marks and prizes for more established players not only demonstrate their heritage, but also that they are still active and innovative. Achievements can be beneficial to a company’s bottom line as well.

“According to research, award-winning companies should expect a 37 percent increase in sales and a 44 percent increase in share price,” said Dr Mhlanga.

Dr Mhlanga said that the procedure for a business award can frequently compel one to take a fresh look at their business and compare themselves to potential competitors.

“Either through innovation, diversity, expansion, client service, human development, or business acumen, you’ll need to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

“This will assist businesses in considering how they could be doing things better and identifying opportunities for improvement, and it is one of the ways a company could profit that is perhaps more valuable than the award itself,” he said.

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