Bishop B. Manjoro Dunamis
THERE are times in life when things get so tough such that one wonders what else can be done to make them better; times when all people seem to desert us; pillars we had crumble right before our eyes and slowly it becomes clear that we have been forgotten. It can be in your marriage, family, at work, community or even in financial life.
Be of good courage, this article is for you. All else may seem to be failing, crumbling and withering around you ‘But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us’, (Ephesians 2:4) will turn your story around.

People may forget you but God is rich in mercy for your life.
Read on and discover one of the priceless keys in walking by faith and gaining victory in every area of your life.
Those tears of pain are about to be translated into tears of joy. O hallelujah!

“For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith,” Timothy 4:6-7.

Paul is writing to his son Timothy in the above verse and challenging him to hold on to God no-matter what in life, for he himself is about to go to the Father but has kept the faith and finished his course.

But how did he do it? What kept him going? Friends, the key to walking by faith; the key to be a great man or woman in life; the key to living the victorious life is this; be a fighter in life and never, never, never give up! It’s the number one law of faith.

No-matter how fierce the battle gets, how difficult the project seems; how inevitable and how impossible your situation looks like, never ever give up! The Apostle Paul never gave up on life or his calling and purpose, no-matter how much difficult times he faced.

If something you want says no; you say ‘I’m still coming for you!’ You don’t give up, you don’t surrender.
You tell yourself if God is a part of me who can be against me.

If God says yes who can say No!
Whatever he declares comes to pass.

O hallelujah. Be a fighter. Fight for your family, fight for good grades, fight to be in good health, fight to be who God says you are.
My friend, it doesn’t come on a silver platter, No, No, No. You contend; you push; you fight and keep running after the goal ahead of you.
Let me share a secret I have discovered over the years — God does not work with people who quickly give up!

He can’t.
We are living in a time where people are quitters.
They start things but don’t finish; they give up easily.

You start a tuck-shop today, tomorrow you change, you are now selling magaka (cucumbers) and the following day you are taking bananas from a neighbouring country.

Before you know it, the bananas rot in your house and you start something else again! Nooo my friend! I have written this article with you in mind and praying that God gives you determination in life to accomplish every goal set before you. O yes, it can be attained, for with God all things are possible, Mark 10:27.

You could be saying right now ‘umm but bishop my situation is different and getting very difficult you know’. Here is my answer to you, ‘Ah kana zvaakuoma Zvakunaka!’ (If it’s getting difficult it means it’s about to get well now!) You are winding up! O I like it, I like it. Andidi life inenge nhanzva, mutserendende!

No I like to fight! I always tell of the story of how I once went to get some honey in the bush when I was still a boy. Armed with my father’s small axe and my mother’s dish to put the honey I took off into the bush.

I had hardly taken honey when one bee stung me on my cheek and I could not bear it.
It was painful and I quickly ran home such that I left the dish and the axe.

When I got home I told parents that I was stung by bees and had come back with nothing. Mom said Ah, where is my dish, I want my dish! Whilst I was thinking what to say, father came in also and said, ‘Where is my axe, I want my axe here now!’

Having lost the first round to the bees and now being kicked from home because of the dish and the axe, I thought again.
This time I had nothing to lose or care, honey had refused and home — I had been chased. It stirred me bolder.

I took a log of fire and told myself bees I’m coming back again, I’m coming for my mother’s dish, my father’s axe and I’m also coming back for the honey! O hallelujah! I like it.

I went back determined than before. I had nothing to lose now but everything to win!
Using the log of fire I swayed the bees away, took the dish, the axe and the honey! Today you need a log of the fire of the Holy Ghost to wave away all that’s blocking your goal and your miracle!

You can make it, you can do it. You can have it!
In Jesus name, O hallelujah! It’s never over until it’s over! Fight.

Declare I’m climbing up the ladder. Don’t give up.
Don’t surrender.

Tell yourself I will stand my ground. You know there are many 24 year-old young people who quickly gave up without even 5 O levels. Listen to me – you are too young to give up. Go get papers. You are a failure only if you give up! Rule number one of faith; never, never, never give up! You will leave things around the corner.

A story is told of a runner who fell 100m away from finish line. Medics ran to pick him up and out of the race. Before they picked him he said, No, leave me alone. They wondered, because the race had already finished and winners were already at finish line.

With the broken leg the runner began to drag himself slowly, painfully to the finishing line.
He said to people around him, ‘I’m going to finish the race.

I was taught to never give up in life! I will finish my course.’
His father, who was in the terraces and had taught him early in life never to give up, jumped and ran to help him to the finish line. They held each other and drenched to the line.

It was a touching sight. The whole arena was dead silent.
A tearful moment — such resilience, discipline and character!

He lost the race but finished his course. Brother, sister, with that broken leg, business, relationship, health, financial crisis — limb to your goal!

Here is the interesting thing about the runner’s story; the following day every newspaper had his picture and his story — the man that refused to give up but not the race winner’s pictures or stories.

Friend, don’t be a quitter. Don’t be a failure.

This is your hour.
This is your time.
Limb to your goal!

Don’t waste time saying ah if it were not for this one I would have been somewhere in life.

Limb to your goal! The race may appear like it’s over but finish your course!
It’s not over until it’s over! For with God all things are possible, Mark 10:27.

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