Financial constraints affect  new ‘Gringo’ production Gringo and the cast of "Gringo the Troublemaker"
“Gringo Troublemaker” cast

“Gringo Troublemaker” cast

Yeukai Karengezeka-Chisepo Arts Correspondent
Award-winning writer Enock Chihombori who is popular for developing television comedy drama “Gringo” said he has put on hold the upcoming production of Gringo movie due to financial challenges. Known as Toby in drama circles, Chihombori who is now based in Botswana said he finished the script for the new movie but cannot proceed with production.

The new production comes after Chihombori had taken a break from the arts citing the piracy as the major drawback. However, he says his previous film “Gringo Troublemaker” was well received and he has considered giving his fans something new.

“After the success of the first movie I was motivated to come up with the second edition and finished the script some time back. Our major challenge is that we do not have enough financial resources to do a good production. There is no need for us to proceed if we are likely going to produce a substandard thing and then struggle to pay the crew and equipment,” he said.

He said they will be grateful if sponsors can come on board.

“It will be a great relief for us if we can find individuals or companies that are willing to partner with us on this production that is likely going to be a trailblazer,” he said.

In a separate interview, main actor of Gringo productions Lazarus Boora aka Gringo said he is optimistic that the new script surpasses their previous editions.

“I was shown the script and to be honest it is one of the best scripts done by Chihombori. If we finally do the production I am sure the movie will do well,” said Boora.

Boora attributed piracy and lack of Government support towards arts sector as major factors that have negatively affected his acting career.

“In as much as acting is my main field I have resorted to other professions because I can’t earn much because all the money goes to those that pirate our work. I can’t even make donations or do developmental projects for my community. I just urge Government to come up with policies that can benefit us as artistes so that we can reap good from our works,” he said.

Boora works as a sales and marketing officer for a local company who as since last year ventured into the music industry by featuring on a song titled “Zodzo” by budding gospel musician Edmore Zikimo who released his album titled “Zambuko RaMwari”. Chihombori last released “Gringo Troublemaker” in 2013 which was successful though it led him to serious debts because he failed to realise any profits from the production because of piracy.

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