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A LETTER, purported to have been sent by FIFA to ZIFA pronouncing the world football governing body’s position related to the ZIFA elections last week, has been unmasked as a ghost creation of Harare City FC official Hope Chizuzu as part of spirited efforts to bring down the country’s football leadership.

Chizuzu has been at the forefront of a vicious social media campaign which the ZIFA leadership have claimed is aimed at destabilising the administration of the game in the country.

A former correspondent of this newspaper, Chizuzu has also been using his social media pages to attack The Herald, at every turn, simply because the paper has not been sharing his views of the saga related to the politics engulfing domestic football.

However, it appears he has gone one step, too far, amid allegations from the ZIFA leaders that he generated a letter, which he claimed had come from FIFA, in which the world football governing body had made a pronouncement on the roadmap related to the Association’s polls.

Chizuzu said the letter was written to the ZIFA secretary-general, Joseph Mamutse and copied to the Sports Commission acting director-general, Joseph Mamutse.

The Harare City FC official posted the ghost letter on his Facebook page last Friday and said FIFA had pronounced that all the ZIFA executive committee members had lost their mandate to remain in office.

However, the official FIFA communication showed the complete opposite as it made it clear that the “incumbent ZIFA executive committee remains until the next election.”

ZIFA officials say the letter was fake and showed the “desperation which he has gone to try and push his agenda, which is quite unfortunate for someone who claims to be a veteran journalist but is also well connected with FIFA.”

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