Fashion: It’s always wise to consult

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo
Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned.
Yes, we are in summer, and it doesn’t take away the fact that it is all about bright colours; something that can keep the air circulating.

So, I was walking in town looking for a hat, and oh boy, what I witnessed was shocking.

Before talking about hats, let me deliver the news: what on earth are some men now wearing?

I have noticed that there are men moving around wearing skimpy, zipped-up and torn jeans; to make matters worse in different colours.

When it comes to fashion, it is wiser to consult, or check with your friend or stylist first.

I am sure you can’t ask the salesperson, because obviously they will be selling, so they will sweet-talk you into buying. I beg of you not to go with the flow.

Those jeans are for stage-work artistes, or more so fashion runway; if you want you can use them for video-shoots; not sauntering in town or streets.

I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but on this one I agree with those people, who expressed disfavour through my inbox, asking if something could be done.

Surprisingly, you can see a 35 or 40-year-old wearing such jeans, trying to compete with 18-year-olds.

Lord, have mercy on us!

On to women, be guided that some leggings (tights) you are wearing to work, take to the streets or church in, are not meant for such platforms.

They are either for the gym or you need to wear them in combination with other garments.

Don’t just copy or imitate whatever you see on television.

Remember some of these things will be scripted.

Back to our reality check, this week and season’s must have item is the hat. A hat is a perfect accessory that ideally reflects your personal style.

Well, now that summer has set in, it’s time to look for some protection that will shield you from the sun’s harmful rays.

There’s no better way to achieve that than with a summer hat that adds some extra glam to your outfit.

Wearing this accessory isn’t that difficult; all you need to know is the right styling and outfit’s balance and yep, there are lots of stylish options to choose from, starting from design to colours and fabrics.

Don’t be afraid to play with styles.

To help you out, here are quick inspirational styling ideas that will make you stand out in a summer hat:

Classic straw hat with denim dress

Straw hats are a staple for summer as they give you that lightweight shading, while letting you benefit the most from the cool breeze provided by the ventilated design.

This looks even better when paired with a denim apron dress that reaches down to the feet.

Newsboy cap with tight denim pants
Get the best protection from the sun with the protruding design of a newsboy cap.

This is a hat that will jazz-up your look and almost become part of your hair.

Try to wear it with your hair long, sporting those warm summer highlights.

Pair the hat with tight fitting denim pants to add some toughness to your look and complement it all with a white blouse.

Cowboy hat with thin strap dress
Go for a cowboy hat that adds that country feel to your outfit.

Settle for one with beautiful prints to create that fun, stylish summery look.

Wear it with the 90s strap dress that reaches just above the knees for that cool, sexy finish. Keep your hair long preferably shoulder-length for a classic chic look.

Fedora with ripped denim pants
Fedoras are known to add that cool, demure look to any outfit. It gives you that unisex suave look. You can choose to keep this super versatile hat girl, mod or simple.

However, a classic fedora with a bow creates a nice summer touch.

Add the tough street style look of ripped denim pants and a white top.

Boater hat with going out dress
Get that classic glamour of a boater hat, which was a hit in 19th century movies.

This hat has that cute and flirty look that adds a girlish charm to your outfit.

It’s a standout hat that everyone will adore.

Pair it with a going out dress that’s got a twist to it. Wear with great hair and some makeup. The result is a look that’s more sophisticated and effortless.

Bucket hat with shirt dress
The thought of a bucket hat reminds you of the times when your dad would go down fishing. However, those are just out of the topic.

Rather, go for the more adorable ones; sporting nice patterns and bright summer colours. Wear with a shirt dress that provides a chic and professional look.

Tie around the waist with a belt to make it effortless and incredibly summerish.

Floppy hat with mini dress
Floppy hats are possibly the epitome of sun hats. The wide brim provides maximum protection from the sun. This hat looks nice for many different occasions, which makes it a versatile summer wear. Pair it with the timeless mini dress that creates a little bit of hotness every now and then. Rocking this mini dress gives you a girly outfit that will make heads turn.

Panama hat with leggings
Settle for the decorative look of a panama hat. Choose one that fits wide, and you can add a hot pink ribbon for extra pop of colour. Pair with some leggings that provide that body-conscious look. Pair with a jacket so that you don’t show every inch of your shape.

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