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Fashion designer believes in excellence

Fashion designer believes in excellence Parego`s outfits
Parego`s outfits

Parego`s outfits

Tawanda Matanhire : Arts Reporter

Growing up with the passion to dress people, fashion designer Stanley Parego, believes excellence has propelled him to dizzy heights in the business.The self-taught designer who works alongside his wife Victory has won the hearts of many people in Zimbabwe as an expert in trending fashion and has been in the game since 1994. Parego, who specializes in men, women and children`s wear has designed remarkable outfits for weddings, corporate events, parties, awards ceremonies and many more. He has also dressed local celebrities, wedding emcees, bridegrooms, bridesmaids, models and the general public. His range of products includes suits for both sexes, dresses, men`s shirts, jackets,blazers, trousers, accessories, curtains and even car seat covers. With a database of clients who throng his current working factory in the Sunridge area of Harare, Parego earns a stable livelihood from the proceeds of his business.

“Many of my clients make a lot of noise on my behalf whenever I deliver a perfect design and this has made my empire grow through the years,” he said.

The talented designer acknowledges excellence in all what he does.

“I believe talent and passion are my main tools to the trade. In everything that I do I put all my brains to it which results in excellent work,”Parego said.

“I first want to feel satisfied myself before I can give any of my clients their finished product.”

Parego is driven by passion which makes him work regardless of the economic conditions currently prevailing.

“God has linked me with the right people and I believe that through these connections I will definitely reach my destiny,” he said.

Parego has plans to expand his business and employ more people as the demand for his services is rising. He also wishes to expand his influence to other nations because his clients who travel outside Zimbabwe have come back with positive feedback.

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