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Farai Mlambo searches for experience

31 Mar, 2020 - 00:03 0 Views
Farai Mlambo searches for experience Green Fuel Football Club

The Herald

Ellina Mhlanga Sports Reporter

GREEN Fuel Angels coach, Farai Mlambo, believes if they can add, at least, two experienced players to their side, their maiden campaign in the Rainbow Amateur Netball League will be a success story.

The newcomers won one out of the three games they played before the league was suspended in compliance with the Government’s directive banning gatherings as part of measures against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Mlambo, reflecting on the few encounters they have had so far, said their major drawback has been lack of experience.

“Our team is a very good side but we lack that experience,’’ he said. “We need experienced players, one or two, so that they can help boost the team and get the needed confidence.

“The moment they face seasoned players, be it names that they know, they start to be jittery.

“So, we need experienced players who can, maybe, be planted in one or two positions, so that we stabilise the team.

“I think we need one shooter and one in defence because mid-court we are almost there.

“Psychologically, I think they still think we are inferior when they go onto the court against the experienced players. That’s where our challenge is.

“We need to have experienced players so that they command the team on court. So far, I think that’s the only challenge that we have.’’

Following the extension of the transfer window to April 3, Mlambo said they were hoping to take advantage of that although the prevailing situation had slowed down their efforts in negotiations with targeted players.

“We have our targets although, of course, the pool is now shallow because most of the seasoned players have gone to other teams.

“But, if we just get a few we will be fine. I have given my manager their contacts, we need to beef up our team,” said Mlambo.

Their only win was against seasoned campaigners Black Rhinos.

They have lost to ZDF and Glow Petroleum but they remain one of the promising sides from the four teams that were promoted from the lower division into the league for the 2020 season. They have invested in young talent, bringing on board 18-year-olds Primrose Moyo and Princes Mhlanga as well as Ellen Ndarubva, who is 19.

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