‘Fans are my advisors’

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‘Fans are my advisors’

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SHINSOMAN2His deep husky voice is confined to the stage and anyone who hears him talking off the stage would be surprised. Dancehall musician Shinsoman — real name Romeo Antony — is talented and says stage voice makes him unique. He greatly appreciates his fans and says they are his advisors. Our Arts Correspondent Tawanda Marwizi (TM) spoke to Shinsoman (RM) about his career.

TM: A lot has been said about you with rumour suggesting that you had gone insane. What happened?
RM: (Laughing) That was a lie. I think the rumour came from people who wanted to destroy my career.

TM: You responded to the information through a song “Takupenga”, what really came into your mind when you heard the rumour?
RM: I was trying to clarify to my fans that if people say I am mad then it means those who follow my music are also mad and I was surprised to see how people love the track.

TM: What defines Shinsoman as a musician?
RM: My voice is unique and it is a trade mark. People can easily identify me with that bold voice.

TM: Your relationship with other artistes?
RM: I don’t have any problem with fellow artistes and I have worked with Suluman Chimbetu of dendera genre, Killer T and, now, Soul Jah Love meaning I have no problem with any artiste.

TM: You have been embroiled in a number of double booking scams, what really happens?
RM: The problem is people put our names on show posters without talking to us. For instance I saw  my name on a poster of a show that will be held in Harare Gardens yet in actual fact we would be participating in Dancehall Night at Gwanzura Stadium. Promoter of the (Gwanzura) show Patson Chimbodza asked me about it and I clarified the issue.

They are advertising me as one of the performers yet I do not have any contract with the guys.

TM: You have introduced a live band who inspired you to do so?
RM: I always listen to my fans who are my advisors. They always said I should have a band and I am happy that the people have accepted the crew. We are putting more effort to give the people the best.

TM: Now you have made your name with music, has this achievement changed anything in your personal life?
RM: Yes, I am now a proud owner of a Mercedes Benz ML and things have been going well with me. I cannot reveal everything I have achieved but I have benefited a lot from music.

TM: Are you married?
RM: Yes, I am and we have one kid but I don’t want to parade my family in public.

TM: Any word to your fans?
RM: We are here and we are working hard to please them.

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