Family seeks help after fire guts house

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Family seeks help after fire guts house Mrs Erica Hamandawana (left) shows a neighbour her house that was gutted by fire in Cranborne, Harare, yesterday. – Picture: Innocent Makawa

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A family in Cranborne suburb, Harare,  is appealing for financial and material assistance after their newly-built house and property valued at US$150 000 was gutted by fire under unclear circumstances.

The construction and furnishing of the house was completed barely a month ago and the family was preparing a grand entry into the nine-roomed structure.

It was all doom and gloom yesterday when our news crew visited the house along O’Connor Drive where Mrs Erica Hamandawana was at loss of words narrating what had transpired.

The entire tiled rooftop, ceiling, furniture, blankets, clothes, food items with other valuables including academic and professional certificates were lost during the blaze.

Mrs Hamandawana said the house was gutted at around 8 am when her husband was coming from a jog.

“He witnessed some fire from the rooftop, but by the time we rushed to try and save it was already too late.

“The fire just erupted for a short space of time, within 10 to 15 minutes the rooftop and all the property inside the house had been destroyed.”

Mrs Hamandawana said they managed to put out the fire which was now spreading to the cottage.

“We were yet to move into the new house as we were staying in the cottage. One of the rooms had our furniture which we were now moving in.

“Other rooms were occupied by the tenant students. All their property including their academic and professional certificates were destroyed. There is nothing left for them,” she said.

Although the source of the fire remains a mystery, Mrs Hamandawana said they were ruling out an electrical fault since there was no electricity on the day in question.

She however, said the family was appealing for both financial and material assistance.

“Our hands are just open for any assistance. In terms of the house, it means we have to rebuild it again so any form of assistance we would be glad.

“The tenants lost everything, even basics such as food stuffs and blankets. So our plea is for well-wishers to chip in as our hands are currently tied,” she said.


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