Families should be transparent — Ex-convicts

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Families should be  transparent — Ex-convicts

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Free Divine International choral group poses for a picture with Chiefs after their performance in Masvingo

Lovemore Meya Arts Correspondent
Free Divine International choral group has urged families to be transparent and respect each other since crimes originate from homes.
The ex-convicts said this over the weekend in Chivi where they serenaded friends and relatives at a memorial service for the late Mbuya Christine Maunganidze mother to Dr Sylvester Maunganidze.

“Families should learn to treat each other with fairness because if you fail to do that, one feels out of place and unwanted.  As a result, this will lead them to seek companionship outside their homes.
“This will lead them to drug abuse and when they fail to get the drugs, they resort to committing crimes,” the ex-convicts said.
The group gave a good account of themselves and proved they had turned over a new leaf.
The 12 member-group left Chivi dwellers clamouring for more.
Dr Maunganidze thanked the group’s participation and educating the Chivi community on the dangers of committing crimes.
“I am very much elated for your presence here and participation. This is the best way to reintegrate ex-convicts into the community.
“People here were much more delighted when they learnt later that these men were robbers, thieves and rapists. After realising who they are, no one was afraid of them.
“The way they behaved and mingled with others showed that there is no other organisation that can outdo Free Divine International Trust in reintegrating ex-convicts,” he said.
Government officials and chiefs from across the region attended the event.

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