Fadzi the girl with a gift of acting

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Fadzi the girl with a gift of acting Fadzai Grace Dorothy Gwenhe

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Reginald Chirenje Youth Interactive Writer

Zimbabwe is one of the countries in Africa with young girls who are talented in acting.

The arts are such an important part of children’s lives.

This encompasses not only dancing and singing, but also acting.

The majority of these young actors have grasped and mastered the concept of expressing themselves in doing what they know the best.

One such talent is Fadzai Grace Dorothy Gwenhe who is pursuing her acting career and has featured in a number of local films in Zimbabwe.

Some of the films and theatre productions she starred in, include “Chipo The Gift”, “Muyedzo WaSatan”, “Tsamba Yerudo”, “Faking It”, “Aloof”, “Munyengeri” and “Animals” among others.

Fadzai is niece to award winning actress Eunice Ratidzo.

The young lady started acting years back when she was in preschool.

Seeing her aunt’s acting awards motivated her that nothing is impossible when one follows the passion.

“My journey started with a preschool play where I acted the narrative but I wanted to be the character of Mary. I did not feel included and it made me tell myself that one day I will be an international actress,” she said.

“My aunt’s acting National Arts Merits Award (NAMA) motivated and reminded me that I was still that narrator who wanted to be Mary.

“I asked her for assistance in pursuing my dream and goal, which she did.” Acting is an activity in which a story is told by means of its enactment by an actor or actress who adopts a character in a film.

Gwenhe’s first major production was “Chipo the gift”, where she was the main actor but featured as a supporting extra and that incident resulted in favour of her by giving the young lady more perseverance.

She went on to learn about filming and acting at a certain school where she directed a class project titled “Tsamba Yerudo” and other projects such as “Muyedzo waSatan” which did well on YouTube social media platform.

The young lady featured in many local films which include Dave’s Guzha, Nakai Tsuro, Weleasky Kaseke, Animals, Munyengeri, Aloof, Botso the indignation and the current series on 3ktv titled “Faking it.”

“I also took part in the national, I CAN ACT competition and made it to the top 10. I have a number of yet to be released projects which I cannot talk about but great stuff is coming” she added.

Despite the challenges she had faced, Fadzi is stillpursuing her dream of becoming a Hollywood actress one day.

“I do not term them challenges but growth and all I can say is, the process of developing hurts but with experience I have learnt a lot and art will never be painful” she said.

Acting has a number of positive effects on society. These include increasing the rate of memorisation, it makes the person more confident, physically active, improves professionalism, speaking skills and it increases a teamwork mentality.

Acting can stipulate debates, educate dissent in life or cause rise up campaigns against oppression.

It is relevant because our culture and art is the defining characteristic from other animals we share. Hence actors can influence society and shape this to come.

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