Fadzai Mahere and CCC trying to destroy Zimbabwe? Fadzai Mahere

Dr Masimba Mavaza Correspondent

Fadzai Mahere the spokesperson of the CCC shocked the world when she took time to demonise Zimbabwe in Geneva.

Addressing the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC), Mahere demonised her own country.  Mahere begged the European Union to impose additional sanctions for human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

In her submissions, she implored the Council to impose targeted restrictive measures on Zimbabwe.

Like all the CCC, Mahere uses her trips abroad to demonise Zimbabwe. Despite the efforts of President Mnangagwa on re-engagement, CCC is all out to destroy Zimbabwe. The author of our problems has been exposed.

Zimbabweans have seen a crop of people who stand and pledge to soil their country. We have seen people who are so dedicated to make Zimbabwe look evil in the eyes of the world. But the level Mahere is flying on is very bad.

Mahere was seeking relevance and building a profile on the blood of her fellow country man. Her fame is written with the blood of Zimbabweans.

But on the top of the list of such subversive and treasonous acts comes Mahere who knows no other words but to vilify and insult Zimbabwe. Mahere, who faces allegations of snatching husbands, has a vendetta against Zimbabwe and she actually dares the police to arrest her so that she gets some form of recognition where she will be portrayed like a hero.

In a way best described as treason, Mahere vomited profane and perverted utterances against Zimbabwe as she was cheered by Europeans.

She did this to please her handlers and she knew her lies would earn her a cell in a jail but Zimbabwe is wiser and will not grant her will.

Then she arrived home behaving like a witch who was caught during a session.  Mahere will be hoping that she be arrested so that she can be hailed as a victim. She is expecting to be arrested, or something bad to happen after her rant, but she will be ignored and this will put her handlers in a quagmire.

They will not know how to react after Zimbabwe decided not to arrest this fork tongued lawyer who is the devil’s agent. The CCC makes many feel a little perplexed. It is sometimes saddening to see that some self-proclaimed critics go beyond the limit and start spitting out random things.

Blaming Mnangagwa’s Government for each and every bad thing happening around us has almost become a trend these days. That man has been working relentlessly 24/7 without showing signs of fatigue in the past four years.

Why do we criticize when things don’t work out, or rather when things don’t work out the way we want instead of actually doing something of figuring ways out of bad situations.

I don’t say that criticism is bad. It is good. In fact, criticism against one’s country is more like the ‘necessary evil’. But good turns bad when it is accompanied with falsity, hatred and disbelief.

The Mahere and Hopewell Chin’onos of this world have low self-esteem or the desire to believe they’re smarter than others . . . so they criticise everything from people to games to movies to anything they can criticize to fill in the void . . . that is why they’re total idiots when you expose their opinions to be false.

You will notice that people who are judgemental, criticise, condemn,  feel threatened by good natured decent people. They are called losers, deadbeats, and malcontents. These miserable people are cold, distant, and lonely because they want to bring others down to their level. They will provoke, belittle, and show contempt towards anyone who has a positive attitude or who is good in this world. They fear anyone who is assertive and happy. They are always negative because they have never known joy or never bothered to learn from their mistakes.

They have this ‘us and them’ mentality. They believe that Zimbabwe owes them something without making an effort to work hard to earn anything. They are selfish and lazy.

There can be no patriotism by and in a party which is primarily constituted to serve foreign interests. What is another word for unpatriotic? It is subversive, seditious, ruinous and traitorous.

The behaviour of CCC is beyond unfaithful and it’s treasonable faithless, recreant behaviour which stinks and pierces right in the heart of freedom… we say no to this unpatriotic party.

“There can be no patriotism by and in a party which is primarily constituted to serve foreign interests.”

While the youth seems to be captured in the idealistic bankruptcy, the CCC remains the most unpatriotic outfit which uses the current economic stress to woo the citizens towards them.

Why is CCC manifestly lacking in patriotism? A multiplicity of factors is at play here.

We cannot understand the problems of the CCC without looking at their background. The historic origins of CCC (which is effectively) the MDC, explains its barrenness of patriotism.

This party was founded and therefore has been always funded on an anti-Zimbabwean platform. It emerged out of the need to cause a stillbirth to the land reform programme. Is it any wonder that its spokesman is attending an illicit gathering to concoct ideas of reversing the land reform gains and to starve Zimbabweans to death just for their masters to come back.

The trip to Geneva by Mahere on the full blessing of her party replays the visit of shame where Chamisa and Biti went to America to pray for more sanctions against Zimbabwe. It is now in the public domain that ZIDERA was drafted by Biti and funded by Americans. The economic problems we have been fighting as Zimbabwe all has the deep roots in ZIDERA.

Now the CCC does it again, and are in Geneva coming to the UK to participate in the seminar meant to reverse gains of our independence. Their undercover trumpet Hopewell Chin’ono is already in England trying to paint Zimbabwe’s forthcoming elections black.

We must always remember that:

On the 14th October 2021, the United States was elected to the UN Human Rights Council. This was 8 days too late for them to stop the UNHRC from releasing its preliminary report on the negative impact of their sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Nevertheless, ever since they joined the UNHRC, the US government has used its seat to downplay the implications of that report and to turn their efforts on tarnishing Zimbabwe.

They have funded CCC and Mahere to try and convince the world that Zimbabwe is a pariah state.

The CCC and its historic formations have never been locally controlled. It is an illegitimate child with its father in the West. The equivalent of CCC in corporate terms is a company with controlling stakeholders who are foreigners. It is this party which releases its spokesperson to go and vomit on Zimbabwe.

This explains the inherent and structural contradictions of a party purporting to please local people when its key stakeholders are using it as a Special Purpose Vehicle to salvage white and imperial interests.

There can be no patriotism in and by a party which is primarily constituted to serve foreign interests.

In another environment, CCC would have been banned and its leaders arrested. But it is Zimbabwe which is practising democracy even if it is harmful democracy.

It is clear that Mahere is on a mission to give her handlers the keys to our land. We say no to this unpatriotic party. Zimbabwe is the only country we can call ours in the whole world.

It is sad that criminals with no standing — representing no common interest— like Hopewell and Mahere, are invited to Geneva every year to speak, without a counter from those that they condemn. The fact that Fadzai, as a criminal convicted for lying in order to bring a UN member state into disrepute in order to invite more sanctions on that state, is invited to speak on her conviction at the UNHRC, while the case is still sub judice. Is the UNHRC (in step with the US) clearly interfering in the affairs of a sovereign state, seeking to influence its judicial process.

Furthermore, the fact that she is a leader of a political party that lies to invite more illegal sanctions to collectively punish civilians, to force them to vote for her party as a means to achieve undemocratic regime change is a clear conspiracy against her victimhood. While Fadzai Mahere and Hopewell Chin’ono are out to destroy Zimbabwe in UK and Europe one European great politician warned his own people.

“ . . . when I am abroad I always make it a rule never to criticise or attack the Government of my own country. I make up for lost time when I come home. But when I am abroad and speaking to foreigners I have even defended our present Socialist rulers, and always I have spoken with confidence of the future destiny of our country.

“Here at home we must do our duty, point out the dangers, and endeavour so to guide the nation as to avoid an overwhelming collapse. But I have no patience with Englishmen who use the hospitality of a friendly nation to decry their own. I think this is a very good principle, and one which deserves general attention.”

This was Winston Churchill on the 18 April 1947.

As we prepare to vote, Zimbabwe will be vilified and demonised. It will be packaged as a failed state. But do not be afraid to vote ZANU PF. We are in it together.

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