Factionalism days numbered: Gumbo

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Factionalism days numbered: Gumbo Cde Gumbo

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Cde Gumbo

Cde Gumbo

Tichaona Zindoga Senior  Political Writer
The National People’s Congress to be held in December will put to bed infighting and factionalism that have rocked Zanu-PF of late, party spokesperson Cde Rugare Gumbo has said.
Cde Gumbo said in a wide ranging interview this week that factionalism was a result of “unbridled ambition” as well as “mafikizolos” in the party.

He said electoral guidelines released recently would bring stability to the party in the long term.
“We really hope that the congress will put finality to these shenanigans,” said Cde Gumbo.

“But, who knows, after congress we may see some ambitious people coming up with new strategies and new agendas.”
Cde Gumbo said electoral rules and regulations would “provide a solid foundation for the party”, but were not meant to sideline others.

“No, they are not segregatory,” he said. “They are credible, genuine and provide a solid foundation for the party. We don’t want mafikizolos coming in and disturbing the party as has been the case right now.

“The party is terribly affected by these machinations and shenanigans that are taking place, so we want to make sure that people know the history of the party, the orientation of the party, the style of work of the party, you know, a number of people don’t even know.

“They just got into Parliament and now some are ministers and now some think that they can go and become members of the Central Committee.

“That’s wrong. You know, you have to spend a bit of time, start from the cell, from the branch, from the district, from the province, knowing how the party operates. This idea of being catapulted to a high position because of money and other things is not working.”

Cde Gumbo said those who did not know “the values and orientation of Zanu-PF” would “mess up the party”.
He said the posts of Vice President and the chairperson’s framework were clear.

“The (post of) Vice President is decided based on the Unity Accord of 1987,” said Cde Gumbo.
“In that Unity Accord it was decided that the Vice President of the party will come from what was formerly Zapu.

“And it has been like that. First, we had Msika as Vice President, then John Landa Nkomo. Now it’s vacant. The next person perhaps will come from Zapu and that is that. That is in black and white, you see.”

But he said the case was different with the national chairman’s post.
“Again in 1987, there was an understanding that perhaps the national chairman should come from Zapu,” he said.

“Msika became the first national chairman, followed by John Landa Nkomo, again from Zapu and currently we have SK Moyo, but it’s an understanding, it’s a consensus which was developed.

“It is not in black and white.”
Cde Gumbo said succession should not subvert the existing hierarchy.

“We have a hierarchy which is established,” he said. “President Mugabe is the President of the party and the First Secretary; Vice President Mujuru as the Second Secretary and Vice President of the party and we have SK Moyo who is the national chair.

“That is the hierarchy. But you find somebody who has unbridled ambition saying ‘I want to contest’.
“Ah, look, there is freedom, freedom of expression and no one is denied the right to do it, but we follow certain procedures and policies.

“You just don’t come out of the blue and say I want to become Vice President or President.”

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