Exposed skeletons raise concern in Chitungwiza


Nyemudzai Kakore Herald Correspondent
Chitungwiza municipality is concerned with exposed human skeletons which are close to residential areas and is appealing for assistance to exhume and rebury the remains.

Town planner Mr Conrad Muchesa said six graves were exposed as a result of unscrupulous individuals who were digging up construction sand at the graveyard, leaving the remains exposed.

“We are appealing for the reburial of exposed human remains in six graves in St Mary’s.

“We have exposed human remains at a cemetery in St Mary’s. Council once covered some of the remains with a white cloth but it was stolen. We also have a stand in Manyame Park where the owner, during construction, encountered human skeletons,” he said.

“Council had a meeting with the officer-in-charge at St Mary’s and the district administrator and we have put in motion for the police to ask on our behalf to the secretary of Home Affairs so that we conduct reburials.”

Councillors who attended a full council meeting recently argued that some of the graves date back as far as 1915 and were not worth protecting.

Other councillors, however, said most of the graveyards in the dormitory town needed reburial in areas such as Seke rural.

Mr Muchesa said they had engaged the Ministry of Home Affairs after realising that it was expensive to engage chiefs who could only be engaged after submitting one beast.

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