study groups, extra lessons and seminars just to share ideas and polish up on areas in which one is not sure of. But only a few have an understanding that all this might just be a waste of time if one does not also deal with the spiritual aspect of things as life is spiritual and everything that manifests in the physical is a result of events that would have taken place in the spiritual realm.

Such was the experience of more than forty students from St Peters’ secondary school in Mbare who decided, with the assistance of their parents and teachers to leave the comfort of their homes and have a mountain experience at Mutemwa in Mutoko to ask God to help them through their end of year exams.
“This is the season in which what I have been doing over the past four years has to be applied. Anything can happen. You can easily panic or just go blank without any reasonable explanation and you automatically fail the exam”, said Kudakwashe Chiundo from St Peter’s.

He added, “I believe that this mountain experience will help me a lot for every step I have taken up I believe that’s how God is elevating me and taking me to a new dimension because I could feel a change and joy which I could not explain. But what I know is that Christ was at work in me”.
The students were using the Biblical Moses’ mountain experiences and testimonies from many Christians as their basis. They had spent a night of prayer at Mutemwa, which is a place where miracles happen.

From as early as 6 pm most students went up the mountain in batches and followed the 14 marked points to the top of the mountain of which there had prayer points for each and every point.
The students were from different denominations though Catholics had the greater number, some would recite the rosary and others, the stations of the cross – all meant to prepare them to meet with the Lord as they went up to the mountain top.

Slowly, the mountain was filled with shouts from young people who had already engaged in spiritual warfare, who knew that their weapons of warfare are not carnal but mighty and have the power to pull down strongholds in their lives.
A Midlands State University student who chose to be identified as Mary said the mountain experience gave her confidence as she got time to refresh and reflect without disturbances and through that, the word of

God began to have greater meaning in her life.
“During the night, as I constantly affirmed the word of God in my spirit, I began to have confidence and faith welling up in myself and I got to understand why Joshua 1:8 is so important. In the early hours of the morning there was a deliverance session and as the Holy Spirit moved, demons screamed and released the children of God who had been in captivity for a long time. This shocked some parents and students who were not aware that demons can destroy the future of their offspring’s in many ways like killing the ability of a child by simply causing confusion at crucial moments, which might lead to a delayed breakthrough or no breakthrough at all. A demon manifested on a 17-year old girl and it was the spirit of her deceased grandmother which had fought her all her life resulting in the family pattern of poverty and witchcraft.

“Ini handidi kuti mwana uyu apase. Kwavo ndiani akadzidza akanamata sezvaanoita? Uyu ndewedu. Haafanire kugona! Takatomuvhiringa pfungwa. Iko kuzonamata kwavo ndiani akambokwira gomo achinamata?”cried the demon before it was cast out.
After the demon was cast out, Memory expressed joy with the support of other classmates who praised the Almighty for delivering her.
“I feel blessed and ready to go, for whatever has been holding me back and blocking my destiny has been roasted by the consuming fire of God and I’m now walking free.”

This was one of the many incidents that made people reflect and begin to pray reversing every curse and destroying altars and covenants made by their ancestors with or without their knowledge for it proved that demons are so ruthless, but are part of the devil’s wing which came to steal, kill and destroy.
Isaiah 54:17 clearly states, “No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the Lord. You have the final say in issues pertaining your life. Academic excellence is yours. Position yourself for success, for you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Forthcoming events
Event: AFM in Zimbabwe Jubilee Revival Centre
Dates: October 10-16
Theme: Spreading the Fire of Pentecost
Venue: Mandara Shops
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2. Nyauyanga Village, Mt Darwin (October 14-17)
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Dates: October 21-22
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Time: 5:30-8pm
Speaker: Bishop David Eberechukwu, Nigeria
Hosts: Rev and Mrs O C Anthony
“The lips of the righteous nourish many, but fools die for lack of sense.” (Proverbs 10:21)
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