Expedite setting up of diamond cutting, polishing centre Diamonds

Manicaland Correspondent
THERE is need to expedite the establishment of the diamond cutting and polishing centre in Manicaland for the province to maximise beneficiation from the diamond mining activities.

This was said by the Diamond Beneficiation Association of Zimbabwe chairperson Mr Richard Mvududu during a devolution conference recently held in Mutare.

Mr Mvududu said the best approach to get maximum beneficiation from diamond mining was to formulate a micro to macro methodology that develops value and viable cutting policies.

“There are a new set of value systems out there,” he said.

“It is no longer about having a resource. You can have a diamond, but if you don’t have a good story you definitely not going to sell.”

Mr Mvududu said there was need to unite and have a common goal towards increasing beneficiation.

“The resources in question from Manicaland are not renewable,” he said.

“The rational way of maintaining value of resources is to invest in them and not mere consumption. We need to think beyond the future of this precious resource, which is facing huge threats of substitutes from the synthetic diamonds from countries creating them in the laboratories.

“Why don’t we have cutting and polishing factories in Manicaland where the bulk of the resource is coming from.”

Mr Mvududu said it was important for companies extracting diamonds to come together and discuss the best ways to add value to the precious stones. He said the setting up of a diamond cutting and polishing centre would also support those who would be working at Gemology Park.

Government has plans to construct a multi-million dollar Gemology Park at Fern Valley in Mutare.

Mr Mvududu said building of the Gemology Park would also lure other local diamond cutting and polishing companies to relocate to Mutare.

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