Exlmobile: Device for all tax payment needs


Have you ever wished you could calculate your Customs duty and know before hand, how much you’ll be expected to pay to bring your goods or products back into Zimbabwe?

Want to import a vehicle from outside the country but you are not so sure of how much you’ll be expected to pay as Customs duty and any other expenses associated with importing a vehicle into Zimbabwe.

Not sure of the dates to make your tax payments or need to check the current tax bands.

E-works Technologies is proud to give you the perfect solution to all those challenges, presenting to the nation of Zimbabwe the only smartphone brand that allows you to calculate your Customs duty and all the expenses to import a vehicle or other goods into Zimbabwe, view the latest tax tables, keep up-to date on the Tax Payment Dates, and also get a mobile friendly browser to view the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority’s e-services platform.

We present the EXLmobile, the one device for all your tax payment needs.

The Exlmobile smartphone range is also a first in Zimbabwe and the world, designed with a profound focus on its users. The device has been designed with the ultimate goal and mission to make sure its users are a whole lot more efficient, better organised, and SMART in all their operations. The smart phones have been engineered to bring out the SMART person in you.

The Exlmobile comes feature-packed with functionalities that give you the flexibility and ability to easily manage your time and day, handle tasks on the go and best of all, it’s the only smartphone in Zimbabwe that will help you to remain tax compliant.

Our flagship model, the Phoenix GX, has a sleek, modern design, beautifully crafted body, light weight, super-fast 2.5 GHz quad core snap dragon processor, 13megapixel camera and a 4X full HD display.

However, these impressive hardware specifications are not the ones that set these smart devices a cut above the rest. The devices boast an innovative and pioneering suite of applications that ensures that their users inevitably become SMART and better organised.

The devices come preloaded with an Office Suite, Word, Powerpoint, Excel and PDF apps. Whether you are a business executive or a student the office suite will allow you to easily edit your documents, prepare presentations or read your PDF eBooks or notes on the go.

The devices also come pre-installed with a To-do list app, this app allows you to properly plan your day. You create a to-do list with the app at the start of your day and you are guaranteed of a reference point for your plan for the rest of the day. It helps you to ensure that you always stick to your plans.

The best and probably the most impressive part about the Exlmobile devices is a suite of copyright protected apps designed and developed by E-works Technologies that ensure that all users of Exlmobile devices are encouraged to be law abiding citizens who are also tax compliant. The suite of Apps called MYTAXMATE has the following modules

Vehicle Import Duty Calculator – an import duty calculator that allows you to simply input the Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) cost of a vehicle up to the port of entry into Zimbabwe, select type of vehicle and year of manufacture and the calculator will then do the rest, giving you the expected amount of Customs duty, surtax, VAT and the total landing cost to bring your vehicle into Zimbabwe. NB: the duty calculator app uses the exact same formulas used by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority. However, values are subject to evaluation by the Authority at the border. The app simply gives you a good indication on how much you can expect to pay on Customs duty. The app gives you the freedom to easily plan your finances the next time you are planning on importing a vehicle into Zimbabwe.

Tax Tables — The app acts as a mobile browser that presents the latest tax tables to your mobile device and allows you to view or download the pdf versions to your device.

Tax Payment Calendar — The App brings you an up to date Tax payment Calendar in the palm of your hands to make sure you always aware of the dates when to render to the tax collector. The beauty of this calendar is that it also has a reminder feature that will notify you when your tax payments are almost due.

E-services mobile browser — Probably the most useful portion of MyTaxMate is the browser capability that portals the user to Zimra’s E-services Platform, the beauty of the MyTaxMate Portal, unlike other browser apps (Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer) is that it presents the E-services platform to the user in a mobile friendly and easy to navigate format which makes it easy for the user to conduct their tax affairs on the go on their Exlmobile devices. There is no hassle of zooming in and zooming out, navigation is a breeze. Best of all you don’t need to remember the long and confusing web address to the platform. With the app you simply click and you are instantly taken to the platform.

E-works TV — E-works passion for technology and tax has led the company to create a YouTube channel dedicated to providing content on the latest technology, interviews and reviews and also extremely useful tutorials and guides on how to be tax compliant and efficiently use the E-services platform to ensure your business remains in compliance. The E-works TV channel can be directly accessed and watched from the MyTaxMate App from the Exlmobile range of devices.

Exlmobile is a proudly Zimbabwean product designed and developed by young Zimbabweans, who understand that placing focus on the ZIM-ASSET pillars on ICT development, indigenisation and youth empowerment will go a long way in alleviating the challenges faced by Zimbabweans.

E-works Technologies firmly believes that his Excellency President Mugabe’s 10-Point Plan and the ZIM-ASSET economic blue print are the perfect master-plans that will not only drive this economy back to its heyday status but to a much higher level.

Good News, Our best device in the range the 5.5” Exlmobile Phoenix GX is now available for retail at a promotional price of $220, the price is only valid till February 29 2016. Buy an Exlmobile Phoenix GX on or before February 28 and you will get another Phoenix GX absolutely free for you and your spouse.

Please note Sundays, we exhibit and retail the Exlmobile Range of devices from Sam Levys Village. Be SMART, Expand, Explore and Excel with the Exlmobile.

If you are interested in getting the MYTAXMATE App you can get it for $20, make payments via EcoCash to: 0775 865 768 or TeleCash: 0733 810 256, and we will send you an activation link to install the app on your smartphone. Please don’t hesitate to call us for assistance on purchasing and installing the app.

Get a feel of the Phoenix GX watch the official unboxing https://www.facebook.com/eworkstechnologies

You can also buy from our online store: http://www.eworkstechnologies.com, We accept Ecocash, Telecash, Mastercard, Visa, Zimswitch

Or come and make your purchase at our offices, Suite 5 Mason House, Sam Nujoma and Selous Avenue, Harare

You can also make your payments to: Account Name: E-works Designs

Account Number: 1005491976

Bank: CABS,

Branch: First Street

E-mail a scanned copy of your bank deposit slip to [email protected], and your phone will be couriered to your door step.

Call us now: +263 733 810 256, +263 772 366 816, +263 775 865 768, +263 4 798060 E-mail:[email protected]

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