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Exide 7s Series rugby roars off

09 Nov, 2019 - 00:11 0 Views
Exide 7s Series rugby roars off

The Herald

Takudzwa Chitsiga Sports Reporter

THE Exide 7s Series rugby third edition roars into life this morning at Belgravia Sports Club.

The main matches will feature Pitbulls and Old Hararians, while Mutare Sports Club take on Old Georgians.

After a one-week break, the Chloride Zimbabwe-sponsored tournament returns after the second round where Pitbulls emerged as the top team.

Harare Rugby Board secretary, Shingi Vere, said they were looking forward to the third round of the tournament.

“The second round was highlighted by excellent rugby with the final ranking match, involving Old Georgians and Pitbulls, where the later coming off as victors,’’ said Vere.

“Pitbulls will go into tomorrow (today’s) round as the number one-ranked team for the remainder of the 2019 series.

This edition will see the top eight ranked teams — namely Pitbulls, Old Hararians, Zambezi Steelers, Mabvuku, Old Georgians, Mutare Sports club, Mbare Select and Police Defenders going head to head in Pools A and B.

‘‘The other eight will compete in Pools C and D. This makes for more even competition, as well as ensuring the matches are exciting,” said Vere.


Men: Mufakose v Hatcliffe, Police Defenders v Mbare Select, Mabvuku v Zambezi Steelers, UZ v Mufakose, Old Geogians, Pitbulls v Mabvuku, Rhinos v Mufakose, Mutare Sports Club v Police Defenders, Old Hararians v Mabvuku, , UZ v Hatcliffe, Old Geogians v Mbare Select, Pitbulls v Zambezi Steelers, XP Horns v Alex Sports Club, Hatcliffe v Rhinos, Mbare Select v Mutare Sports Club, Zambezi Steelers v Old Hararians, Rhinos v UZ, Mutare Sports Club v Old Georgians, Old Hararians v Pitbulls.

Women: Zimbiru v XP Horns, Southern City v Zimbiru, Alex Sports Club v Zimbiru, Southern City v XP Horns, Alex Sports Club v Southern                  City.

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