Ex-wife wants $800 from Roki

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Ex-wife wants $800 from Roki Roki

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Mafriq diva Pauline Gundidza is claiming US$800 from her ex-husband Rockford Josphats for the upkeep of their two children. The matter was supposed to be heard by magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza yesterday, but was removed from the roll after both parties defaulted.

According to sources at the court, it is alleged that Josphats was seen standing at the court’s main gate in the morning, but later disappeared.

In her application, Gundidza was claiming US$800 for the upkeep of her two children -Skye Inzwirashe Josphats and Minana Joy – who are aged five and 10 years.

“He is not providing for school and crèche fees, housekeeper, food, clothing and medical aid,” reads part of Gundidza’s application.

Gundidza stated in her application that from the US$800, US$300 is for rent, utilities US$50, food US$100, maid US$100, medical aid US$20, school and crèche fees US$200 and US$30 clothes.

“We married under customary law, had two children and then divorced. He is a musician and a producer at Washen Basket Studio.”

Gundidza claimed the controversial urban grooves musician was earning US$2 000 a month and was able to pay the US$800 per month for their two children.

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