Ex-wife, hubby fight over child custody

Ex-wife, hubby fight over child custody

gavelIvan Zhakata Court Reporter
A man assaulted and threatened to kill his ex-wife for denying him custody of their minor child, the Harare Civil court has heard. Winnie Malitasi alleged that her husband Selani Zando beat her demanding custody of their minor child without a court order.

Malitasi, who was seeking a protection order against Zando, told magistrate Mrs Marehwanazvo Gofa that he once had her arrested on allegations that she had stolen his money.

She told the court that Zando threatened to kill her and the child if she continued to refuse giving him the minor.

“He is my former husband and he is threatening to kill me and our minor child,” Malitasi said.

“He is constantly calling me on my phone demanding custody of our minor child saying if I do not hand over the child he will kill both of us. He used to assault me severely over the custody of the child.

“He once got me arrested by the police after he accused me of stealing his money but I was found innocent

“ He also verbally abuses me using obscene words and now I am living in fear of his next move,” she said.

Zando did not oppose Malitasi’s application.

He denied the allegations.

Mrs Gofa ordered Zando to stop abusing his former wife.

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