Ex-radio presenter convicted of alcohol theft Former radio personality Lorraine Charlotte Bgoya, who stole beer from a supermarket in Avondale, Harare, recently, arrives at the Harare Magistrates Court yesterday.

Yeukai Karengezeka-Court Correspondent

FORMER radio personality, Lorraine Charlotte Bgoya (37), better known as Lochnation, who stole two bottles of wine at Food Lover’s Market in Avondale, Harare, has been fined US$100.

 Bgoya appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Gamuchirai Gore yesterday facing two charges of theft and pleaded guilty to both charges.

For the second count, she was sentenced to one month in prison wholly suspended on condition that she restitutes the complainant US$28.

The complainant is Food Lover’s Market Avondale, represented by its internal security officer, Mr Nurse Chiweshe.

Prosecutor, Ms Ropi told the court that on February 21 at around 11:46am at Food Lover’s Market, Bgoya took one 750ml Malibu Liquor bottle from the shelf and hid it inside her handbag and went out of the shop without being noticed.

Then on February 24 at around 5:30pm, Bgoya went to the same shop and took one 750ml bottle of Beefeater London Strawberry wine and hid it in her maroon handbag.

As she was doing all this, she was being seen on CCTV by Chiweshe.

Bgoya then walked out of the shop and Chiweshe followed her and apprehended her.

Her handbag was searched and the 750ml bottle of Beefeater London Strawberry wine and the 750ml Malibu liquor bottle were recovered from her handbag.

Chiweshe replayed the CCTV and discovered that the Malibu liquor was stolen on February 21.

The total value stolen is US$57 and US$28 was recovered.

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