Ex-Mhangura Mine workers cry foul

06 Nov, 2017 - 00:11 0 Views

The Herald

Conrad Mupesa in MHANGURA
Hundreds of ex-Mhangura Mine workers say they got a raw deal from their employer after being laid off when the mine shut down operations in 1999.

The workers allege that they only got their National Social Security Authority (NSSA) pension money from their contributions and not their employer’s contributions as per the labour laws.

The workers allege that nothing meaningful came their way from Mhangura Copper Mines.

Former employees’ spokesperson Mr Grayson Banda said one former underground worker was given only $900 as a lump sum, which he said was not fair.

“One of Mhangura surviving members got a paltry of $900 after serving for more than 30 years,” he said. “Personally, I haven’t reached 55 years, so I cannot be given my lump sum or any other pension-related benefits until I reach the specified age.”

Other ex-workers believe the pension distributions were not evenly dispersed as others got between $2 000 and $3 000, whereas others got as little as $23.

Others alleged that they did not benefit anything from the Mining Industry Pension Fund (MIPF), which they also believe was tampered with by their employer.

“We do not see any positive results coming,” said Mr Farai Chiparamazani. “Suppose we decide to pursue these cases because there is a great probability that our information is no longer available at the head offices, whereas the majority of the workers said they lost papers with proof, while other workers have since died.”

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