Ex-magistrate in maintenance row

Ex-magistrate in maintenance row

gavelIvan Zhakata Court Reporter
Lawyer and former Chitungwiza magistrate Walter Bherebhende has been accused by his wife of neglecting their three minor children. Chipo Matambo, who was seeking $1 600 for her upkeep and the children’s, told Harare Civil Court magistrate Mrs Ruth Kamangira that Bherebhende was failing to provide for his children despite him being a lawyer and a farmer.

Matambo said she was given a notice of eviction where she stays after failing to secure rental arrears of $600.

“I want $1 600 plus school fees for two children,” she said.

“I want $400 for my upkeep and $1 200 for our three children, $400 for each child. He is a senior lawyer at Bherebhende Law Chambers and he is also a farmer realising $3 000 from the law firm and at least $5 000 from farming every month.

“We have been legally married since August 2007 but were customarily married in 2001. The money will cater for the children’s needs because the first child needs $550 per term for school fees, the second needs $160 per term and the last one is not yet going to school,” Matambo said.

She further told the court that she works as a police officer earning $430 per month which she is using to fend for the children.

Bherebhende was not present to respond to his wife’s submissions, but had signed the summons acknowledging that he was aware of the matter.

Mrs Kamangira, ordered Bherebhende to pay $1 600 for the upkeep of his wife and children as claimed.

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