Ex-Burundi VP in Zim


Victoria Ruzvidzo Managing Editor
Former Burundi First Vice President Therence Sinunguruza is in the country on what he termed a “spiritual visit”, noting that Zimbabwe’s future was bright, contrary to what detractors would want the world to believe. He served as First Vice President in charge of political, administrative and security matters from 2010, when President Pierre Nkurunzinza was re-elected, up to last year when he resigned.

Mr Sinunguruza, who was last here 22 years ago, jetted in last Wednesday on a private visit and told The Herald that he was directed by the Holy Spirit to “go and see (my son) Prophet Makandiwa for prayer and impartation. I have called him for the nations and what people see now is just the beginning of his ministry. They shall know him the world over”.

“I went on 21 days of prayer and fasting. I had some issues. . . some very heavy issues so I decided to pray and fast, and God told me to come and see Makandiwa. I did not know who this was, but the name sounded similar to those of people from North Burundi, so I thought I would find him there,” he said.

“However, I was led by the Holy Spirit to watch ChristTv channel, which I had also never heard of; that is when I saw this man. He appeared on the screen and I saw him, but now I did not know how to connect to him. To my surprise, when I heard that my former advisor while I was still the Minister of Justice 20 years ago had been having some personal problems, I called her to pray with her and she told me she had been to see Prophet Makandiwa and she helped me come here. God is amazing,” he said in an interview.

Yesterday he attended the United Family International Church’s morning and afternoon services. He had been at the church’s prayer sanctuary The Life Haven since his arrival.

He said to some extent, Zimbabwe and Burundi faced similar socio-economic challenges, but these would soon be over, because God had great plans for both nations if they allowed Him to have his way.

“The devil knows God’s plans, so he has been telling lies about the future. You will see what will happen in this country,” he said without elaborating.

Burundi has been going through political turmoil and last year refused African Union intervention. However, Mr Sinunguruza would not be drawn into commenting on the political situation in his country, stressing that he was on a private visit which has to do with his ministry in the Kingdom of God. He said his experiences with Prophet Makandiwa over the past week were life-transforming.

“In my entire life nobody has ever prayed for me, and I fell but yesterday when Prophet Makandiwa prayed for me I fell down. The power of God was just too much. ”

Mr Sinunguruza, who was the Burundi ambassador to the United Nations from 1993 to 1994, also held several government ministerial positions from 1994 to 2005.

Yesterday he stressed that Zimbabweans needed to appreciate that they have a man of God who will bring change to nations.

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