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Obi Egbuna Jnr Simunye
WHENEVER Zimbabwe is discussed by visitors regardless of their ideology and convictions, virtually all of them are captivated and mesmerised by its naked beauty.

Thanks to the perspective of numerous travel agencies, your average guest often find themselves yearning for the chance to stand under the waterfalls at Mosi-oa-Tunya or climbing to the top of Munhumutapa, just in case these agencies were either ignorant or historically dismissive, we are talking about two landmarks on Zimbabwean soil commonly referred to as Victoria Falls and the Great Zimbabwe.

Some of the agencies, who seeking an advantage over the competition, will include the Kariba Dam and game parks in their descriptions of Zimbabwe, perhaps this could be the root cause why greedy game hunters and trigger happy dentists can’t resist temptation, and will not hesitate to kill and slaughter innocent wildlife on Mother African soil the minute opportunity presents itself.

As Zimbabweans celebrate Heroes Day, this August 14th, 2017, it would be interesting to gain access to the figures that would reveal to the world what percentage of tourists visit the National Heroes Acre during their stay.

If Zimbabwe’s visitors coming from the United States, Britain and the European Union, whose curiosity and objectivity enabled them not to succumb to the racist and white supremacist narratives of their country’s politicians, journalists and intelligence agencies and come in the first place, spending one hour at the National Heroes Acre could be the key to changing US-EU policy on Zimbabwe once and for all.

Let Mother Africa’s children at home and abroad take this opportunity to salute the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services for the tireless and selfless work it required to write and publish the Guide to the Heroes Acre, which brilliantly and eloquently captures Zimbabwe’s illustrious history in less than 400 pages.

For those on the outside looking in, it is easy to arrive at the conclusion that could result in the question being posed, why make a fuss over civil servants fulfilling a mandate that is part of their job description? The answer is shame on you for not challenging yourself to look beyond the surface, and recognising that this was a sterling example of the very patriotism, which guided the hearts, souls and minds of our comrades buried at both the national and provincial heroes acres, which is an illustration of true homeland security that colonialists and imperialists can never claim or duplicate even on their best day.

Since the beginning of the 21st century what truly has been lost in all discussions on Zimbabwe, whether they are polite or acrimonious, is the everyday people, who have endured a lifetime’s worth of hardship and challenges, from the moment US-EU imperialism took it upon themselves to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe due to their inability to impose their will on President Mugabe and zanu-pf.

From a strategic vantage point it is the job of US-EU imperialism to put a microphone in the face of Zimbabweans residing in the US or UK, for the purpose of having them trash and condemn their government, which is music to the ears of Mother Africa’s most ruthless exploiters.

The ultimate objectives of this strategy are two fold the first is to propagate the notion that only on US-EU territory can Zimbabweans speak truth to power, because the degree of political repression on the ground is insurmountable, the second is these reactionaries represent the true aspirations of citizens, who are not in a position to get on a plane headed for destinations that embody the essence and spirit of freedom.

This approach to the US-EU Imperialist regime change agenda not only exposes that the opposition to President Mugabe and zanu-pf is not only bought and paid for, but our former colonisers and enslavers cannot put their eggs in one basket, therefore, they must embrace a political course that requires championing the efforts of whoever is front page news at any given moment.

If we get the urge to write a mystery that mirrors and echoes the style of either Agatha Christie or Alfred Hitchcock, a great title could be whatever happened to pastor Evan Mawarire, a man whose congregation was less than 50 members, however, the West attempted to paint him in the image of Dr Martin Luther King Jnr. Fortunately, for us no US-EU politician, diplomat or employee working for any of the imperialist think tanks possesses the ability of Michelangelo, who by simply painting the image of his uncle as Jesus Christ has polluted the minds of believers in the Christian for over four centuries, lucky for us pastor Mawarire’s masquerade did not even last one numerical year.

The decision to shower the misguided pastor with more adulation and praise than he had the political maturity to handle, also illustrated that US-EU imperialism finally decided to end their love affair with former Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, who with full financial and political backing from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and 10 Downing Street failed to deliver the goods.

The Zimbabweans who run away from home headed for Washington, the UK or other EU destinations, who are committed to the regime change agenda, must understand that the legacy of the Underground Railroad and the Freedom Riders, who came to the Southern parts of the US to dismantle modern day segregation, can never be reversed or distorted.

Some of these Zimbabweans will accuse us of blowing smoke; our humble recommendation is to head to Miami and speak with a cross general mix of Cubans, who make up both the Peter Pan generation and Marielistas, who abandoned their country and were manipulated into engaging in everything from assassination attempts on the life of Commandante Fidel Castro, invading their place of birth under instructions of the CIA, for the purpose of asking them how posing for countless photo-ops with US presidents and members of the Senate and Congress has advanced their cause?

The truth is Zimbabweans, who abandon their people and Government like others, who opt for comfortable exploitation, only recognise their errors when our former colonisers and enslavers treat them like disposable hand wipes, once they have nothing else to offer politically. Only those who dare to go to Zimbabwe and ride the Kombis and talk to the everyday people will gain a true understanding of the mood, feeling and sentiments of the entire nation.

Let any so-called African American come and speak to a Zimbabwean with more formal education than you have about fundamental human rights, better yet ask your long last relative to take you to the schools they attended, and let them know 8 000 children drop-out of school in the US on a daily basis.

Those of us who live inside US borders believe a picture is worth a 1 000 words once you get to Zimbabwe prepare yourself to see children on the roads selling the ripest of oranges and bananas, and ask yourself if this is a luxury children suffering from malnutrition can afford.

Your next destination can be the multiple farms that CNN, Voice of America, BBC and countless others told you President Mugabe and zanu-pf illegally seized from 4 000 commercial farmers of European ancestry. This provides you the chance to ask them why they left their job to run and control their own farm? We promise they won’t laugh in your face because they understand the propaganda hook line and sinker.

Your next move can be to ask Zimbabweans walking on the roads on Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru etc reading any of the country’s newspapers, if a Zimbabwean police or military officer has ever held a gun to their head demanding they only read The Herald, The Patriot or People’s Voice.

You then can ask them their humble opinion about President Mugabe and zanu-pf’s succession plan or if discussions US-EU sanctions are an excuse not to address a lack of democracy and bad governance.

We promise you will find everyday Zimbabweans are more equipped to discuss their historical plight and current situation, than you are to address the laundry list of problems we are confronted with inside US borders. What you will learn is the difference between dealing with maintaining your sovereignty and fighting for mere survival like animals.

When it time to head back to Babylon you will realise, while President Mugabe and zanu-pf lead the nation in honouring everyone from Mbuya Nehanda, Leopold Takawira, Herbert Chitepo, Joshua Nkomo, Josiah Tongogara and Simon Muzenda, nothing inspires them more than the everyday Zimbabweans, who will never consider treason an option.

Obi Egbuna Jnr is the US Correspondent to The Herald and the External Relations Officer to Zicufa (Zimbabwe Cuba Friendship Association). His email is [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

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