Events Evolution spices up TD Jakes event

Events Evolution spices up TD Jakes event Talent Banda
Talent Banda

Talent Banda

Arts Correspondent
Events management company Events Evolution has purchased state-of-the-art equipment that includes a PA system from Germany, a move that is likely to change events management in the country.

The state of the art PA system was used at TD Jakes show over the weekend at National Sports Stadium. The system consists of two double mixers that do live recording at every event, more than 24 self-powered speakers with a unit sound output of 3?500 watts, 30 RCFTTL56A low frequency speakers with a unit sound output of 6?800watts, trusses and motorised cranes for its mounting.

It can be used to address more than 300?000 people in an open space and can also be split into smaller units for small venues and crowds. They went to Germany with their four engineers who did an induction on how to use it. Events Evolution founder Talent Banda said they have purchased the system in order to change the face of showbiz in the country.

“People thought TD Jakes brought this PA to Zimbabwe but that was not the case. It is here to stay and we no longer want South Africa to run our events,” he said.

He said they went to Germany to acquire the system that has unique features. “We went to Germany and we were four of us. Before purchasing we went for some lessons on how to use it. Now our four engineers have the proper knowledge on how to use it,” he said.

He said the system was compact and very advanced. “It is very compact, advanced that it can be set in 30 minutes. It is operating on a better level than what we thought,” he said.

Their main aim is to change how events are managed in the country. “We have acquired also large screens and camera. We are doing all this to change the way events are managed in the country and that is why we are Events Evolution,” he said.

He said the cameras and the big screens will be coming back in 30 days.

“Like now my email [email protected] has a number of enquiries from South African engineers who were here at TD Jakes who want to know about this system,” he said.

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