Event planner takes charge of own wedding

2312-1-1-DECORRuth Butaumocho Acting Arts Editor
Wedding planning is a flourishing business that requires creativity for one to make it in the sector. With all the DIY kits that are now found on nearly every website, you really have to be very good to make it in this highly competitive area.

It even becomes very challenging when you have to plan your own wedding. Harare wedding planner Nazia Azam recently found out that wedding planning was a lot more than you can imagine when she had to plan her own wedding!

After all, this was going to be both a business opportunity and a special day, in which she had to revel in her own success as an entrepreneur while scouting for more business opportunity and also celebrate her love life. And thanks to her own initiative, Nazia attained both.

“Everything was on point and perfect.

‘‘Being an event planner I planned my own wedding. I made sure everything was perfect,” she recently revealed.

The wedding which took place on December 17, at Imba Matombo in Harare with a guest list of 100 people had all the trimmings of a perfect wedding after everyone turned out dressed in white.

This gave out a good contrast with the decoration, which was in lime, green, dark pink, white and silver The deco was further enhanced with bunches of lime green and pink furthers that were carefully placed in lara vases.

“Those colours matched well and I had just one problem I couldn’t have my guest wear any other colour besides white, because I wanted my photography to come out well,” she said.

Oozing with confidence after her husband had slid a 49carat diamond and 18 carat gold ring, Nazia couldn’t believe how lucky she was.

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