Event manager, decor trainer par-excellence

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Event manager, decor trainer par-excellence Pauline (left) hands over a certificate to one of the attendees after the two-day workshop

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Lifestyle Writer

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time” — Leonard Bernstein.

These are the words that inspired and motivated popular cake boss and events planner guru Pauline Likongwe-Mapisa.

Event management is one area people no longer take lightly since it creates lasting memories of an occasion for  both the hosts and the guests.

It takes great minds and creativity to come up with a successful event that can remain engraved in the minds of attendants.

She has gone beyond from being a cake boss to a trainer of future events managers.

Last week, ever-smiling event planner hosted a two-day workshop on events planning, management and costing.

Although she is set to hold similar workshops regularly, Pauline has made an impression with her inaugural workshop that  is set to culminate into a series of event management clinics.

What has boosted the appeal of this workshop is that it came just on time when merry-makers are gearing for the festive season.

She said in an interview that due to the Covid-19 which has affected most events, women, especially, should not sit idle at home.

The workshop centred on decorating the bedroom, party and wedding events, baking and also playing around with accessories.

“I just came up with this idea of a workshop on empowering women and men who want to do events planning and decor,” said Pauline.

“People were not taking these things seriously as they tended to overlook them. Rich people and the not so well up have often been caught offside in this area and we are here to change that mind-set.”

The down-to-earth events planner reckons that there is need to invest more in this area to add that spark.

“Rich people sometimes overlook such things as decor and events planning which has seen some events ending prematurely or on a disastrous note,” said Pauline.

“This is the cancer we need to weed out and come up with knowledgeable events planners who know what they are doing.

“For instance, attendees of this workshop left richer after paying a reasonable price of US$60 for two-days.

Of course it was our way of giving back to the community by empowering others, but I can tell you that the knowledge they received here is priceless.”

After hosting the workshop, Pauline was humbled by the feedback she has been receiving from attendees.

“I’m humbled by the support and the feedback that we have been receiving from those who attended this workshop.

“There are also others that I have helped before who are giving us remarkable appraisals.

“Up to now, I still get a lot of people saying that I inspire them so l then decided to hold the workshop and teach others what l know.”

Pauline believes in hard work and those who started way before her.

“I have a lot of people who inspire me as role models, and I can’t mention them all since it’s a long list,” she said.

“One of the great people who inspires me is none other than my mother, family and of course my advisers.

“ I have a strong team who have my back which believes in me. I feel blessed when I am doing something that I like most.”

Given a chance, said Pauline, she is set to hold similar workshops in other parts of the country to empower future event planners.

“Like indicated earlier on, this workshop was as an eye-opener and there is need for us reach out to wider audience,” she said. “We are going to sit as a team and come up with a well-designed programme in our quest to reach out to a wider audience.

“This has always been my wish to empower others and of course change their lives.”

Despite the threats of the new Omicron Covid-19 variant, Pauline says she will not be deterred.

“We are prepared for everything to ensure that we reach out to people who need our services.

“I will also hold online workshops in future if the new variant becomes severe so that we avoid physical lessons.

“However, it is my wish that everything will be under control and we will always to our best to ensure that we serve people in line of the WHO regulations,” she says.

As a trendsetter, Pauline has vowed to remain grounded and carve her name in the event planning and management business.

The event was graced by some of the elite and popular caterers, events planner and events service providers who were also amazed by the work displayed.

One of the attendees the workshop, Sokostina Mapuranga, shared her testimony on what she benefited from the workshop.

“Well, I have just established my company called Coco Events,” she said.

“It is four months old. I am perplexed by the work we were taught.

“Sometimes we should start from our home. You can’t be a good at  decor when your house is a mess.

“These sessions are needed and should be done monthly.”

Attendees walked away with certificates and Pauline promised to check on progress of their work.

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